Dearest Friends,


We are so blessed! Each day we see God do the most amazing things. Today was very special! We did two shows at one school. The children were so excited that we came. Of the 400 children that attended the programs, it sounded as though half of them were calling on God to forgive them and asking Jesus to be their King. They were so loud when they were praying!
The principal was very pleased with the program. She told the teachers that they should continue to talk about the story of Jesus that they had just heard. She said that it was very important for the kids to hear about Jesus. As Sara often says, "Awesome!"

After the first show, the children rushed toward us. They wanted to hug us and thank us. Please pray for the children of Padre Anchieta School to grow strong in their new faith.


These are stories from our time in Brazil that we have not had an opportunity to share with you. God has given us so many stories!

1) Children in Caicarinha Da Penha prepared a special song for us and gave us roses as a thank you present. They changed the song and put my name into it, thanking God that I had come. I was overwhelmed by their joy and humbled by their kindness.

2) Praise God for a tiny little village named Sao Joaquim where I had an especially sweet opportunity to share with a large group of mothers. Life is extremely difficult in this place. There are no doctors. When their husband dies, they have no way to earn a living. Their heart’s pain is compounded by their concern for how their children will eat. I told them Mike’s story and shared with them how God takes care of me. I told them again about Jesus’ love for them and how He alone can heal broken hearts. Their smiles and tears, their hugs and their words told me they were listening.

3) On the street in one Northeastern town, they were having a big festival to celebrate the saints. The children dance, and there is lots of food. They bring their produce so that their farms can receive a blessing. Mostly there is just a lot of drinking and bad behavior. While all this was happening on the street, a small group of believers gathered to laugh and fellowship. On the street, people were trying to have fun, but the real party was happening in a small 4 room house. We had a wonderful time singing, praying, sharing and praising God.

4) One night, we had a training session. Everyone outside the church was lighting bonfires on the street as part of the celebration in Olinda. A haze of smoke hung over the city and the church quickly filled with smoke. I had a very bad asthma attack and was having a lot of trouble breathing. Sara, Hannah, Faby and Gerson began to pray for the Lord to remove the smoke. Suddenly, it began to rain. It rained so hard that it put out all the bonfires and cleared out all the smoke from the air. Praise God! It was still raining when we left the church.

5) God’s creation is amazing. We visited places where it had not rained in years. Then it rained and dry river beds flowed with water. Flowers burst into bloom. Our eyes have feasted on our Father’s creation.

6) At a farm school, we saw teachers cry as they heard the sweet story of Jesus.

7) I am so humbled by the kindness of our many friends. So many of them gave up their beds and slept on the floor. No amount of protesting would persuade them to let us have the floor. One pastor even cleaned our dirty shoes.

8) One lady heard that we were coming. She did not work in the fields that afternoon so that she could attend. She got on her bike and invited children to come. She rode 10km on some of the worst roads.

9) A group of 6 young men attended one show. They listened so attentively to the story about Jesus. None of them were Christians. Please pray for them to come to faith in Jesus Christ. They Father knows their names.

10) Please ask the Father to pour out his spirit on Sito Trapia, Quixabeirinha, Maracanau, and Nova Trapia. Ask Him to call people to a strong faith. Life is so terribly difficult in this place. From 9 to 4, it is so brutally hot that people not want to go outside. Inside it is still hot. Days are long and many turn to alcohol abuse to remove their boredom. My heart broke for these children. Please hold them in your prayers.

In Jesus, Linda for