Dearest Friends,


Thais is a beautiful little girl who came to a puppet show today. She was missing her left hand and seemed so self conscious around the other children. Gerson helped me talk to her.

I told her that I wanted to tell her a secret. This is what I said to her. "There is someone very, very dear to me who’s arm is just like yours. She loves Jesus! She has the most beautiful smile. You can be like her. Sweetheart, when God sees you, He sees a treasure. You are beautiful!"

I have the most wonderful news to share with you. Today, Thais asked Jesus to be her Savior. Please pray for her to grow strong in her new faith and love God’s word. She is such a beautiful little girl.


We had a very difficult show today at a school where the children seemed not to be listening. One of the teachers became very angry because we talked about Jesus. She let everyone know just how unhappy she was. At most schools, hundreds of children pray out loud, praying to recieve Christ. However, at this school, you could hear only a precious few calling on Jesus.

It seemed that no one was really listening, but you never know what God is doing. Giovana and Raissa came to talk to me after the program. Both of them wanted me to know that they asked Jesus to be their Savior. More, they each wanted to give me a bracelet to thank me for telling them about Jesus. Please pray for these two little girls to grow deep in their faith.


We had two amazing shows today where they absolutely loved the program. The director and many of the teachers were Christans, but even those who did not believe were open to the Gospel. When we finished the program, the children lined up to hug us. The teachers hugged us, the janitors hugged us, even the director hugged us. One teacher had a lifestyle that was displeasing to God and he alone was very unhappy with the program.

However, the best part of the day was what happened after one program. Four little boys came to see me. Their names were Leonardo, Joao Victor, Guilherme, and Artur. One of them said in perfect English, "Teacher, I love you!" Another one said, "I love you forever!" All four had asked Jesus to be their Savior. We challenged them to live for God. We told them that Jesus had changed them and they needed to show everyone that Jesus had changed them by the way they lived their lives. Please hold these four boys in your prayers.


We have a wonderful puppet team that we had never met until last night. Our national team leaders, Gerson and Fabianna, planted and trained this team. They are an amazing team! Yesterday we did shows in their area and saw hundreds of children trust in Jesus Christ. This team is very creative and very humble. They were so excited to meet us. They thought that we were very important, but we all understood that their willingness to reach the children of Brazil for Jesus was what was really important. They made many of their people puppets, but much of the rest of their equipment was provided by your gifts. We gave the equipment to Gerson and Fabianna and they found people who could use it. We now have six teams like this in Brazil. Praise God!

You have never seen people so excited to recieve a gift! They began to scream and jump up and down. Then, the entire team joined in one large bear hug. Your sacrificial gifts made this gift possible. Please remember this story when you are thinking about supporting the puppet ministry. Your kindness is touching children all over the world.


If you were blessed as you read these stories, you have an opportunity to support missionaries in Brazil. Fabianna and Gerson are missionaries under the Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship Mission Board. If you want to support them, make your check out to PEF and send it to my house. I will forward them to PEF for you. My address is 6550 West Armuchee Road Summerville, GA 30747. Please pray for them. They do a tremendous job of reaching children for Jesus in Brazil.

In Jesus, Linda for
Gerson Simioni
Fabianna Simioni