Dearest Friends,


Just a quick note so that you will how the Father answered your prayers for yesterday. The weather was great and we were able to do a show outside at the Caravan Park. They told us to expect 2 or 3 children again and God sent again 10 times that number. Awesome! A whole group of teenage girls came along with the children. I was telling the story of Jonah. I explained how Jonah decided to run away from God because he thought that he could hide from God. When I told the children that no one can really hide from God, suddenly the teenagers looked at me in shock. It was clear that this was also their plan. Your prayers held the children, teenagers, and adults attention as they listened to the Gospel. Thankyou!


Last night, one sweet little girl trusted Jesus as her Savior. I told the children after we prayed to be sure and tell the people at the church where we were working if they had trusted in Jesus. She immediately raised her hand and said, "I prayed!"

Personally, I saw the Father do something very sweet for me. The first night that we were in Belfast with the children, I was very distracted by a situation that I was dealing with in the ministry. I told the story well, but not as it should have been done. When I have my eyes on Jesus and tell a story, I feel the Father’s pleasure. I know that I have been obedient and I have joy. I left Belfast
on Tuesday evening knowing that I had not had the right focus.

Last night, we went to that same place for a second show after having prayed alot because all of us were aware of the problem from the previous evening. God was kind to me. By His grace, I was able to leave the problem at the Father’s feet in prayer and focus. My eyes were in the right place and God blessed us with a great outpouring of His spirit!

Even after the program finished, we were still being blessed. A lovely young girl named Lori came up to talk me. I shared with her my story of how the Lord wrote His love on my life. She began to cry. I asked her if she knew Jesus. She said , "No." Then, surrounded by her believing friends, she prayed with me, asking Jesus to save her. Joy!

On our way home, we stopped at Sam and Sil’s house so that she could choose a Bible. Sam keeps a stack of them for just such opportunities. Please pray for Lori to grow deep in her new faith!

In Jesus, Linda for Sam, Sil, Yeva, Sabina, Jade, Toby, and Malachi