Dearest Friends,


Tonight, we began doing street shows in Galway. It is so different here from Tralee. Spiritually, this is a very dark place and all of us felt the spiritual attack tonight. We need you to pray! There are huge crowds of people in this place, but they are very resistant to the Gospel.

Hundreds of people came to the shows tonight, but we all felt as though they were not listening with their hearts. Still, we know that we do not trust in our feelings. We put our trust in God our Father, trusting that He is touching peoples lives even when we do not see it.

There were blessings tonight in the midst of all the attack as different friends had wonderful conversations with people on the street. People from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil and Poland all stood on the street with many Irish people listening to how they could have hope in Jesus Christ. Please pray for all of the people who came to the programs tonight. Ask God to give them a hunger to know more about Jesus. All of them received free CD’s from the band, literature and books for the children. Ask the Father to give them a desire to listen to the CD and to read what they were given.


Chelsey and Amy are two little girls that I met on our last night in Tralee. They came up to me after the show and began to talk. I asked them if they had listened to the Bible story and they said yes. I told them how i came to put my trust in Jesus as a little girl. I explained that everyone has things that hurt them and make them cry. Chelsey quickly responded, "I cry all the time." I told her how Jesus could take away her tears.

She was very hard for a little girl who was just 8 years old. She told me that she would not ask Jesus to be the King of her heart. She would not ask God to forgive her. My heart broke for her because I know that she has no hope unless she puts her trust in Jesus. Her home is a very difficult place. I met her father last night and he was quite drunk. Please pray fro Chelsey and Amy, her cousin, to put their trust in Jesus. Only God can take away her tears and give her joy.

In Jesus, Linda for a very tired team