Dearest Friends,


We finished our time in Hsinchu sharing with 1400 children in a single day. It was amazing! We were at a school where we had done many programs across the years of ministry in Taiwan, so the children recognized me when we arrived. They said, "Oh look, it is the old woman who tells us stories." Then they guessed my age to be 89. Maybe, I should dye my hair. HEEHEE

WE had complete freedom in this school, except that we could not pray with the children. Still, we were able to explain the hope of Jesus so clearly and model for them a prayer so that they could know how to ask Jesus to be their Savior. One of the teachers told me that she could see in the children’s eyes how well they listened. Truly, they were hungry to hear about His hope.

Please continue to pray for the children of Hsinchu and Peter and Melody. It is such a dark place, full of so many temples. Yesterday, we passed by the temple to the lord of hell and one to the mother of heaven. Please pray!


Now, we are in the south in Chai-yi and there are even less Christians here. There are even more temples. This is a town of 270,000 people.The air is very bad. You can see it blocking the view of the rest of the city. In minutes, we leave for a show. WE need you to pray for this area. We will train and equip a team here and there are many details to sort. Again, please pray.

In Jesus, Linda for the Team