Dearest Friends,

We are in Chia-Yi, in the South of Taiwan. We are working with a wonderful group of people. Last night, they welcomed us so warmly, they had prepared fo us a wonderful dinner. Then, they stood and sang for us. The words to the song said, "I am glad, for I belong to Jesus. Praise the Lord." They have real joy for Jesus. They have also arranged a great schedule for us, with many kinds of opportunities. We will be doing programs at schools, at hospitals, and on the streets. Clearly, they have great vision.

However, they are concerned about the responsibility of accepting the puppet equipment that we want to give them. They are fearful that it is too great a responsibility for them to undertake. I admire their honesty and their desire not to see the equipment wasted by being put into storage. However, after the training time we had today with them, all of us believe that these are the right people to start a team in this part of Taiwan.

Please consider that there are precious few Christians in this part of the country. Today as we were doing a program at an apartment complex on the street, many people came who would never have visited a church. There is a desperate need here for Christians to go where the lost people are and share Christ with them. They are hungry to hear. Today they stood or sat in the sun for an hour to listen to stories about the one true God.

Please pray that these dear people will accept this equipment and trust God to raise up a team from among them. Please ask God to give them the courage to believe that with Him all things are possible.

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In Jesus,

Sam Shaw – Assistant Director
Silvana Shaw
Jeremy Snow
Anna McIlwaine