Dearest Friends,


I woke up Sunday morning to a storm. Immediately, I began to pray as our plan was to do a program in a park. The people we are working with here have wonderful vision. They are very willing to go outside the church and schedule opportunities for us to share. I wanted to share with the children in the park that day, and I also wanted encourage our friends’ efforts to reach people outside the church.

God was very kind to us. Our friends sent vehicles over to the park and brought all of the children back to the church to the first floor where we did the puppet show. Normally, they have 50 children in Sunday school, but yesterday they had 145 in attendance! God answered all our prayers. More, because we were at a church, we had complete freedom to pray with the children. We heard so many children praying out loud asking Jesus to be their King and their Savior. It was awesome!


The other day we sent out a special prayer request and asked specifically that you pray for the team we are planting here in Chaiyi. They desire to hear God’s voice and vision clearly. Each day, they are moving closer to accepting the equipment and believing they can start a puppet ministry in this place. Even now, as we are typing this e-mail, some are meeting downstairs to learn how to setup the sound system, puppet stage, and the easel. Please keep praying. All of us truly believe that these are the right people for this ministry.


Concordia is a school that was established by Lutheran missionaries more than 50 years ago. Today, we had the sweet privilege of doing 3 programs for the children. Later in the week, we will have two more opportunities to share with the students. Most of the children who attend this school are not from Christian families. This is a very special opportunity to share with Buddhist children whose families are the doctors and lawyers and key businessmen in this community. Please pray for our remaining two times that we will get to be with these children. I have a real heart’s desire for them to be able to hear the Gospel clearly and with understanding.


Tomorrow (Tuesday), we will be at Chaiyi Christian Hospital. We have four programs schedules with different groups at the hospital. Please pray that we will make the right decisions about what we will do in each place. Ask the Father to call many to faith as we are sharing tomorrow. Thank you for being so faithful to pray for us. We feel the strength of your prayers.

In Jesus, Linda for

Sam Shaw – Assistant Director
Silvana Shaw
Jeremy Snow
Anna McIlwaine
Joseph and Lori