Dearest Friends,

Chaiyi Hospital

Our day began with prayer with the hospital chaplains. Prayer is always the best way to begin a day! We asked God that He would do more than we could ask or imagine. Let me tell you how faithfully the Father answered our prayers.

1 – Our first show was for mentally handicapped children. More than 100 children along with their caregivers and some parents watched for an hour. Everyone said that the children would never be able to sit for so long and listen. However, they did not understand how the impossible is always possible for God. They were all amazed that the children listened so well and enjoyed the program so much. Some prayed, trusting in Jesus.

2 – At the second show, we had mostly adult patients and hospital staff. I was amazed that they stopped for an hour to listen to puppets sing, a Bible story, and testimonies. Many of the adults and children were rolling IV poles. As I looked at them, my heart was broken. It is terrible to see children and adults suffering, but is far worse to realize that they do not know Jesus. He is real comfort! It was such a gift to all of us that God would allow us to be in the hospital sharing His hope, His love.

Since this is a Christian hospital, 15% of the staff are Christians. Now, you may think that is a very low number. However, remember that outside of this building, less than 1% of the population trust in Jesus. How wonderful that God has taken hold of this place and is using those who work here to reach out and share His love with those who need it! There is no place else in the city where this is true.

3 – Our third program was for little children, but again, so many adults also stopped to listen. When we prayed with them, I heard some children boldly calling on Him. Praise God!

4 – Finally, we traveled to the 11th floor of the hospital to the psychiatric ward. Can you think of a better place to tell people about Jesus who gives hope, peace, and can take away your fears? Can you imagine the wonder you would experience when you hear about the only Son of the one true God who removes guilt and shame? It was a precious show!

Please pray for the hundreds of people who listened to the Gospel today in the hospital lobby!


We had the most amazing meal last night. It included so many wonderful dishes, but we seldom know exactly what we are eating. We ate pig tendons, sea cucumbers, shark fin soup, but the rest mostly remained a delicious mystery.

When we returned to church last night, a large Christmas tree was lit up on the side of the building. Everywhere we see Christmas decorations which often remain until Easter. I love Christmas decorations. How cool to get to enjoy them in March!

On the top of the church are giant Chinese words which proclaim “Jesus loves you.” Thousands can see them every day.

Everyone has a camera here. The other night, 8 cameras were taking our picture at once. Always, people are photographing us with their cell phones.

Most people that I talk with here think that I am at least 70 years old. I think this is a blessing.

There was some confusion when I arrived at the psychiatric floor for our last show. Since I had come by myself on the elevator, the nurses became confused. They kept telling me to sit down and rest. I almost got admitted.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we will be doing programs in another hospital, a kindergarten and an elementary school. Please remain on your knees!

In Jesus,

Sam, Silvana, Anna and Jeremy