Dearest Friends,


We stand in awe of our Father! Today we did 2 shows at a school. Originally, we had planned to do 4 shows, but they combined to do the children so that we saw all of them in 2 programs. We were delighted to tell them about Jesus Christ, how He loved them, and how they could personally experience that love.

All of us know that this is an opportunity we should not have had. Most of the teachers were very unhappy that we came. They made faces at me as I told the story. However, the children loved the story of Jesus. Please pray that the door will remain open for us to return next week as we are scheduled to do 2 more programs at the school. Please ask God to keep the teachers from complaining.


We spent our first 2 days teaching for 4 hours each day. We are training people to use the equipment that we are leaving here. Everyone is so excited. One deacon in the church was overwhelmed with all that we had brought. He told us, “On behalf of my nation, I thank you.”

Ironically, his nation does not want us in this country, but the believers are very happy that we are here. So many have already said that they are very encouraged by our visit and challenged. Please ask the Father to give them courage as they must risk all that they have to share Christ in many situations.

For decades, this place was denied any public witness to the Gospel. Many of your brothers and sisters were imprisoned for their faith. Many were faithful to Jesus in spite of death. Then, God threw open the door for ministry, but now, after too brief a time, the door is closing again. We doubt that we will be allowed to return to this place as we do not have an opening in our schedule for 2 years. By that time, we expect that there may no longer be an opportunity for us to do programs here.

There is an active effort here to present Christians as mentally handicapped. TV programs present us as strange and even criminally dangerous. Please pray for the Father to show people the truth about His people.


After we finished the second show one of the teachers came and spoke to me. She was amazed at all she seen and heard. She said “I don’t understand how you can be so optimistic and happy.” I saw a real hunger in her eyes and began to share with her my testimony. As I shared with her about my husband Mike’s death and the faithfulness of the Father, I could see she was very touched.

She told me that her husband had recently died and told me about her heartache. She had no hope, but was obviously beginning to see the hope that Jesus offers. Please pray for this dear lady to put her trust in Jesus Christ. I will see her again next week. Please ask the Lord to show me how to share with her.


Our friends received permission from the local authorities to do 3 street shows on the grounds of the seminary. It is a wonder that the government authorities said yes. Surely, this is the result of so many people calling on Jesus on behalf of this country. Please stay faithful in your prayers!

Tomorrow, Saturday, we will do the first of these 3 street shows. The area has been covered with puppet posters advertising the puppet show. More, 600 people have received personal invitations to come. Please pray that the weather will clear as it is cold and raining at the moment. Please pray that the people who will attend will hear with their ears and their hearts.

In Jesus,

Linda for
Sam Shaw