Dearest Friends,


Sunday morning, we did a special children’s service at a small church. Though all of the adults were also present and other children, it was 3 children who sat on the front row that held my heart. The youngest one was 8, with a dirty face and a baby’s pacifier in her mouth. When I reached out to touch her, she pulled away from me. I wanted to cry. All three of these children had been so hurt by the abuse in their home. They struggle to trust people.

Amazingly, they get themselves up every Sunday morning and come to church. There is no one to encourage them. Please ask the Father to call this entire family to faith. Please ask Him to keep them safe.

I know that there are children who are afraid where you live. What are you doing to reach them for Jesus?


People from all over Northern Ireland come to the Newcastle area in the summer and rent a mobile home in different parks. This is their holiday, their vacation. Each morning this week, we are going to a different one.

I was so blessed yesterday with the 48 children and adults that the Lord sent us. I remember when we would do the whole show for 3 children. I remember when as soon as I would say the name of Jesus, people would leave.
Yesterday was so different. Everyone seemed to listen. One precious little red haired girl even started to clap when Jesus fed the crowd. It was awesome!

I also love how the Father keeps us humble. A little boy said, “I remember you. You told me a story last year. Will it be different this year?” I smiled, thought how sweet and assured him that it would be different. Then I asked him if he remembered the story and he said,”No, not at all, but I want a new story.” I laughed out loud and was reminded to walk in humility.


We arrived in Dublin,Ireland on Saturday with no real problems. The airline had lost one bag , but found it a couple of days later. Sam and Silvana Shaw, the Assistant Director of The Agape Puppets and his wife, met us at the airport. Their warm welcome always makes me feel like I am home. In just a couple of hours, we arrived at Murlough House , outside of Belfast, Northern Ireland. John and Jo Moxen , Director of Project Evangelism and his sweet wife, are taking wonderful care of us!

I love being in Ireland! In many ways, it is the easiest trip that we take in a year of ministry, but in other ways, it is a hard trip. Mike and I worked here for so many years together that every place I go is full of memories. We have so many dear friends here and their love is a great comfort. Last night, we met for prayer with members of the Irish band Reality that we will be traveling with beginning on Friday. Still, it is so strange to be here with our dear friends without Mike.

I take comfort in the sweetness of the service we shared, but I keenly miss him. At times like this, I know what to do. I am talking even more with the Father and going deeper into His word. He truly is my comfort. Please pray for me as I am working on 3 new stories. Ask the Father to give me the courage to tell these new stories as it is always easier to fall back on what you know. It is also much less work. I am excited to see how the Lord will use what He has given me.
Tonight, I will tell the first new story to a group of children in a very difficult place. Pray! I want them to hear about Jesus with their ears and their hearts.

In Jesus, Linda for Sam, Sil, Naomi,Joe, and Alex