Dearest Friends,


There is no sound that I love better than to hear children call on Jesus to forgive them and be their King. Tonight, I heard 2 little girls on the Shankhill Road praying in soft whispers. It was a wonderful last night and all of us were blessed to have these three evenings with the children. They live in a very difficult place where there is so much spiritual darkness. On the sides of buildings and even on telephone poles, hate is proclaimed. The children grow up accustomed to seeing vulgar remarks spray painted on walls. Now, neo-nazi groups are advertising in the area. Only Jesus can change this place. Please pray for these children to be lights in the dark.


When we scheduled the caravan park for today, we were told that there would only be a few children. This morning, we prayed and asked God to do the impossible. Imagine our delight as we saw that the Father had sent us 40 children and their parents. God is so good to us! Everyone listened so well to the puppets, the testimonies, and the Bible story. Praise God!


Each morning, we meet for Bible study with the Director of Murlough House, John Moxen. He always tells young people, “No Bible, no breakfast. No Bible, no bed.” Each day, he challenges us to spend time with our Father and listen to what He tells us.
He has another favorite quote that I copied into the back of my Bible years ago. He says, “The Bible is not black ink on white pages. It is the living Jesus.” John’s enthusiasm for Jesus and God’s word is boundless. He is 74 years old and I expect that he will be running hard until he finishes. His life of service to the kingdom challenges me to be faithful. I have known John as a partner in ministry for more than a decade. I love the way he loves Jesus! Each morning, we are blessed.


1.I was sharing with a lady in a store in Newcastle. I told her that I was a story teller. She immediately asked me, “Are you clairvoyant?” I quickly explained the kind of story I tell and how Jesus can give hope. Sam suggested a brilliant answer that I could have used, but I did not think of it. He suggested that I should have told her that within 2 possibilities I could tell her how she would finish her life. I will know what to say next time.
2.We all speak the same language, but we use very different words to describe the same thing. For example, the word “pants” refers to underwear. The young people must remember to say trousers. If they say that they have lost their pants, people are quite shocked. The trunk of the car is the boot. All of us are having “great craic”. This is pronounced crack. Here, that phrase means that we are having a good time.
3. A favorite flavor of ice cream here is called “Pooh Bear”. It has a piece of honeycomb stuck in it.
4.Cookies are called biscuits which to someone like me who is from the southern part of the United States is very different.


Tommorrow, Friday, we will travel to Tralee which is 6 hours south of here. We will be sharing at The Rose of Tralee Festival. We even have an opportunity to share on the main stage on Saturday night. Please begin to pray for these opportunities .

In Jesus, Linda for the team…Sam, Sil, Naomi, Joe and Alex