Dearest Friends,


This last week , 40 seven year olds came to see me. I am doing Christmas tours at my home during Christmas, explaining the traditions of Christmas and so its real meaning. I asked my church to pray that the children would ask leading questions for the Gospel. The Father so beautifully answers our prayers. I was surrounded by 10 little ones and a little boy asked me, " Ma’m , where is your husband?" I smiled and said, "My husband is with Jesus. He died." Immediately the little boy said, "My Daddy died this year." The little girl beside him said that her cousin died this year. Several other children shared losses. I was surrounded by hurting children.

I began to tell them Mike’s testimony and my testimopny. I told them that when you put your trust in Jesus, there are no unhappy endings. I told them how Jesus can take away our fears and give us courage and hope. This was a precious opportunity! Please continue to pray for these children. Ask the Father to call them to Himself!

Almost 500 children , teenagers, and adults will come through our home this Christmas. Most will be children. Ask the Father to make me wise and kind as I share with them. I want them all to know Him!


I have been home almost 2 months now and still my heart breaks for the children of Uganda. Their needs are many, but their greatest need is hope…Jesus. Please hold our new team in your prayers and ask God to make them a bright light in a place where there is desperate poverty. Witchdoctors rule many with their lies and the calls to prayer for Islam are everywhere. The children need to hear the truth of the Gospel. Our team ‘s ministry will reach thousands of children with the love of the one true God.


In January and February, we are planning trips to 2 countries in the middle east and India. All 3 of these nations are crowded with children who do not hear the truth about God. There is persucution for many believers in these countries and yet they remain fearless for the Gospel.

We have an amazing opportunity to impact areas for the Gospel that are not easy to reach. More, not only will we have the opportunity to share with many children, but we will be training nationals so the work with these precious little ones continues. Please pray for a wonderful response to the stories about Jesus and ask the Lord to call many to faith. Begin to pray now for these trips. We want to see God do amazing things, more than we can imagine. Also, please pray for the necessary support for these trips. God has opened some incredible doors and we are eager to share with these children. How might their nations change if they come to faith as young children?


I had the joy of sharing at 2 mission conferences, at First Baptist Atlanta and Midway PCA. The puppet team came with me and that week , we saw almost 100 children confess Jesus as Savior at 2 shows on a Sunday morning. It was awesome! I had many opportunities to speak to adults and tell them stories about the children we serve. This wonderful time was not without challenge. While I was traveling, I enjoyed dealing with a case of poison ivy or poison sumac and a mild case of shingles. I looked pretty funny as all of this was on my face and made it very red and swollen. I laughed when people told me that they wanted to take new missionary pictures. I confess to enough vanity that I graciously refused.

More, in addition to other speaking opportunities, I have also been doing outreach where I live from my home. The last Saturday in October, we had a bonfire, hayride, chili contest, Bible storytime, and roasted hotdogs. One of my USA team members asked Jesus to be his Savior years ago at one of these parties. God is good!

Last Saturday, the house exploded with old friends and new friends who came to celebrate Jesus birthday. We sang carols under the stars, read the Christmas story, prayed, shared, and the children blew out the candles on Jesus’ birthday cake. We were also blessed to have friends there who did not know Jesus as Savior. It was a sweet evening. Mike and I have done this every Christmas since 1973 when we married. Many friends lovingly helped me continue these traditions.

One evening we did a puppet show in inner city Chattanooga and had the sweetest time as children came to faith. Some funny things happened as always. Though I was wearing my normal clothes , 2 teenagers asked me what was my costume. The area we were in is better known for drug abuse than the Gospel, so we were honored to have this privilege.

Thanksgiving week, my children and their sweet wives and beautiful children spent the week with me. Can you tell that I am a grandmother? All 4 are very little, 3 and under, but all 3 of the "older" ones could me the right answer to my question. I would say"Who is the King?’ They would shout"Jesus is the King." I rejoice that my children are all so faithfully teaching their children about Jesus Christ. Again, God is very good to me!l

In Jesus, Linda Summer