Dearest friends,

Alexander’s Story

Alexander is a little 12 year old boy that I met on the river. He lives in a house on stilts because the river floods under his house in winter. It is still brutally hot, just wetter. This is a typical home. You can see through the walls. Monkeys can be a problem as they come in and destroy your home. There is no regular electricity. His family might have a generator. Rice, pasta, fish, fruit, shrimp and beans are what he eats every day. The bathroom is outside. He goes to school on a boat. He had never left the river. He had never seen any of the things we use in the show. I am the first American that he has ever met.

After listening to the Bible story, he prayed with me and put his trust in Jesus. I talked with him a long time on the school boat. His fact is covered with raised black moles. He was hiding in the engine room at the back of the boat.
He had the sweetest smile as I explained that God made him the way he was for a purpose. I told him that true beauty is in the heart. I explained that sometimes I an frustrated by the weakness of my body, but then that weakness makes me pray and trust God for my strength. I encouraged him to talk to God when he is worried about being different. I cherish his smile. Hold him in your prayers!

Beautiful Work

As we were leaving to come back to the city, God used a lost man to encourage me. I was so very tired and hot. I felt so weak. The man had come to many shows. He said,"It is a beautiful work you do. Please keep going and going." then he hugged me. I did not feel tired any more!

In Jesus,
Linda for the team