Dearest Friends,


I am blessed to report to you that our new team is established here in the state of Para, one of the 3 states that comprise the Amazon region. We are placing the equipment with a lovely German lady named Jakobine who has given 26 years of her life to the people of Brazil. She works with 3 Brazillian nationals. They serve with Mission Aviation Fellowship which is known as Asas de Socorro in Brazil. They travel by boats to remote areas, offering free medical and dental services. The doctors that partner with them are believers.

Jakobine shared that for a long time she has had a dream. She wanted to more directly present the Gospel to the crowds of people that they see. She told us that this set of equipment answered her prayers. She watched the response of people this week and saw their smiles. She saw that the children and adults listened equally well. She was happy. She saw that all ages related well to watching the puppet shows and had many conversations with the people in the villages as a result of what they heard.

This was a great match for us because the doctors always drew a crowd and we could share with them. This group is organized to reach places that others do not know exist. More, they have a long term relationship with the communities on the river and so the people trust them. This is good ground for the Gospel! Finally, our lead Brazillian Directors, Fabiana and Gerson Simioni, are planning to continue working with them and help them improve their skills. We will be able to reach so many children who have not heard about Jesus and His hope. I am very excited!

Please hold them in your prayers as this is a very hot place to work with lots of fire ants and giant spiders. Please ask the Lord to give them great wisdom as they must share in places where false teaching and superstition rule. Please ask the Lord to keep them safe and dry.


Very late tonight, we fly deeper into the state of Pare toward the state of Amazon. It is our plan to do many puppet shows in that area and our hope to make contacts for another team. Our friends there are also with Mission Aviation Fellowship which has been working in Brazil for 55 years. You can travel by boat from Santarem to here, but you need 4 days. So, you can see why we want to place a team in this new area so that more remote children can hear about Jesus Christ. Our long term vision is to plant ministries in all 3 states so that all the children can have the opportunity to hear about God’s great plan for their lives. Please pray us safely there. We have been told that it is hotter there. All of us are tired and need strength. Our joy in the Lord carries us to this new place. Pray!


Michele is a beautiful little 10 month old baby girl whose mother is a drug addict. Her father is also a drug addict. Both of her parents live on the street and they steal and sell their bodies to buy drugs. The little one has been placed in the foster care of Christian friends who run a ministry for street children and adults. I met her today at a puppet show that we did for adults living on the street. Please pray for this little girl to be placed in a loving Brazillian family. Please pray for her parents. I have been told that it looks hopeless for her parents, but our Father is the hope of the hopeless.

The people who came received their breakfast and looked miserable at the thought of watching puppets. I saw their frowns change to smiles and I saw many listen to the story of Joseph. God is so kind to us to give us this opportunity to show His love to those who do not know love. Please pray for those who attended to hold onto the Gospel and allow Jesus to change their lives.

We take every opportunity to share God’s great story so we did 2 puppet shows at 2 different churches yesterday. We were at both of the churches where our new puppet team members attend and a lady from the street ministry. The churches were so nice and clean and the people so nice. It seemed a world away from where we were today. Please ask the Father to burden all of the Christians in this city with a desire to reach the hopeless.

Brazil has hundred’s of thousands of people living on the street in different cities. Many are children. There is great opportunity to serve here and where you live.

In Jesus, Linda for Sam, Silvana, Gerson, and Fabiana