Dearest Friends,


We have spent today doing ministry in the city of Santarem. It is deep in the state of Para and surrounded by jungle. Since we were in the city, we did 2 shows today at a school for different groups of children. Then this evening, we did a show for a church in an area where they are trying to reach the community for Christ.

Today was a sweet gift from our Father as we had the sweet joy of telling more than 500 children and teenagers and adults about the true love that only Jesus gives. We heard many children calling on Jesus, asking Him to be their Savior. Some prayed softly and some very loud.

The message of true love is desperately needed in this city. They estimate that as many as half of the people in the city are true believers. However, because this city is a major truck route, there is a huge business in this city devoted to the sale of pornography and prostitution.

There is much light in this place, but there is also much darkness. The children who prayed today need your prayers. Ask the Father to keep their lives pure and their hearts focused on the cross.


All of these children were at the second show today at the school. All of them wanted to thank me for the story that they heard. Each one gave me a little plastic bracelet that they had and I am very happy. I have bracelets that are 2 shades of pink, 2 shades of blue, and one white one. Anytime that a child comes to me after a show and wants to say thank you, I am so honored. I was so touched by their kindness.


More than 100 children stood in line this afternoon because they wanted my autograph. For the longest time, the line never got smaller. I signed notebooks, text books , scraps of paper, and one arm. I sat in a chair and finished all of them. It was very hot and I was very tired, but if it was that important to them, I really wanted to try. Earlier in the day, I had been too hot to finish the first group and I felt bad about saying no to the children. So, I took the time to draw a hill with a cross on it for each one. I signed Linda below the hill. I wanted them to be reminded of the story that they had heard. I am no one important. None of us are, but today God kindly made us important to the children because we told them about how they could know Jesus Christ. Hold these these hungry and thankful ones in your prayers.

Tomorrow, Friday, we will leave this place and fly to the capital city of Manaus. We must wait 10 hours for our next flight and then we have a long flight to Campinas. Sunday morning, I will bring a mission report at an old Presbyterian church in Sao Paulo and at a smaller church plant. Please pray for these opportunities as I want very much to encourage them to pray for and help our Brazilian Directors, Fabiana and Gerson Simioni. I want to encourage them to have a vision of reaching the children of Brazil for Jesus. Please continue to hold us in your prayers.

In Jesus, Linda for Sam, Silvana, Fabiana, and Gerson