Dearest Friends,


One of the shows we did while traveling on boats was on a very wide porch of an plantation home. A hundred years ago it was an amazing house overlooking the water. Now, from the smell, we realized that it had been reduced to everyone’s favorite bathroom spot. It still had a nice wide concrete porch and so the children had a good place to sit. They could never sit on the ground because of the fire ants. We did not really notice the smell after a while and besides, there was no other spot available. The children and many of their parents came too. They wanted to listen and we were blessed to tell them about Jesus.

That morning, I told them a story about a very poor man who had lots of silver, gold and other riches. He was a king, but he did not know God. The children listening where very poor. I wanted them to see that they could have true riches if they knew God, if they put their trust in Jesus. I hoped that they would want not what you hold in your hands, but what you hold in your hearts. Continue to hold the children on the river in your prayers.


During the first part of our trip, we traveled with doctors and dentists. We always had a crowd because everyone was waiting to see someone. This was wonderful ministry and very well received. Our new team will be regularly traveling with medical teams and so they will always have a crowd. Praise God! Often, our Brazilian directors, Fabiana and Gerson Simioni travel with doctors.


We spent most of our trip as a “logistical help”. We never told anyone that we were missionaries. During the last few days, we have been regularly introduced as Missionary Linda and Missionary Sam, etc.Iit was a big change. However, no matter what you call us, we told people about Jesus Christ and His hope.


I never understand how little I know until I am in a new place. Though God has been kind to me and I understand how to work with children, different places always require some changes in our program and equipment. I did not understand how difficult it is to reach these children, but our friend Jakobine was a patient teacher.

There are many rivers in the Amazon region and they are full of children. People were surprised that we bought such special things for children since the adults or young people are always the focus. I see that we will need many teams spread across these 3 states that together are the Amazon region. Please ask the Lord to raise up future partners in ministry in these areas. My heart’s desire is to reach all of these children with the Gospel.


Please pray for Sam and I as we are flying to United States on Monday and will arrive in Atlanta on Tuesday. Please pray for Silvana as she travels to Ireland on Tuesday. Please pray for Fabiana and Gerson as they prepare for another mission trip next week to the Kayowas Indians. We are all tired, but so happy! God is very kind to us!

In Jesus,
Linda for
Gerson and Fabiana
Sam and Silvana