This is a ministry devoted to helping homeless men in Baltimore. For more than 100 years, they have ministered to the spiritual and physical needs of the homeless men in the city. We were given the privilege of doing a program for 50 of the overnighters. To get a meal and a clean bed, they must attend the chapel. When they saw our puppet stage, they were very clear about how they felt. They grumbled and they moaned and used strong words to object.

I prayed and decided that the best plan was simply to admit that we knew the only reason that they came was because they had no choice. I explained what we did and asked them to give us a chance. I told them stories about the children and watched as the Father began to soften their hearts. Then, we started the program and to their surprise, they enjoyed it. They smiled and laughed at the puppets. They really enjoyed the young people’s testimonies and listened to the Bible story wonderfully well.

All of us were overwhelmed with joy as we heard them praying out loud, calling on Jesus to save them. When we finished, they gave us a standing ovation and shouted for an encore. The Lord blessed beyond our expectations.

There was one funny thing that happened. When I began to pray, we all heard a wonderful old hymn, The Old Rugged Cross, being played in the background. It turned out the large chapel next to us was also having a service for other men. When I heard the hymn, that was the first time that I knew they were there. Our program is very loud and I am sure that they knew we were there long before we realized that they were there. It sounded great with the prayer!

Please pray for these men and ask the Lord to strengthen their commitment. Praise God for such an amazing privilege! The Lord gave us a great privilege.


Picture setting up a puppet stage under the shade of a big tree in inner city Baltimore. Imagine telling a Bible story outside as older ladies, teenagers, and children sat quietly listening. Picture children that live in hard places smiling and laughing. You can only imagine, but we can remember. It was a wonder to see how the Lord spoke to their hearts. We left there with a deep joy and a strong desire to pray for those who faithfully serve the families in this place each day. Please pray especially for my friend Tom and ask the Lord to give him daily encouragement. He always gives us such a warm welcome! Please ask the Father to bless him as he blesses so many , being a bright light in the dark.


We are working every day with precious children in the inner city of Baltimore. Pray for them to hear God’s love and to trust in God’s plan. Please pray for churches and individuals who will share our vision of reaching the unseen children in the USA and around the world for Jesus. We need partners in this work who share our delight and wonder at all the Father does!

In Jesus,Linda for a terrific team !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!