Dearest Friends,


I was finishing the story for the children in a place in the inner city of Baltimore. I had been talking to the children about fear. I asked them a question. “What can you do when you are little and afraid? “

There was a precious little girl wearing a hot pink sundress sitting on the front row. She was only 5 years old, with black hair and big brown eyes. As soon as I asked the question, she called me over to her and whispered in my ear. “Please tell me what to do when you are little and afraid”.
My heart broke, but God gave me a smile. I said , “I promise that I will tell you what to do. Let me tell you about how to trust in Jesus.” He alone can comfort this little girl and all the other little boys and girls that we have been seeing.

Please continue to hold them in your prayers. I learned that this little girl had good reason to be afraid, but I know that the Father can be her Protector.


At one place where we were with the children, we saw someone screaming at them. They were crunched down in their seats in fear. I wanted very much to show these children another way. I wanted them to see the tenderness and the strength of the cross.
When we finished, I was mobbed by a group of little children. They all wanted hugs. They told me that all of them had put their trust in Jesus during our time of prayer. The Father had kindly answered our prayers.


We worked with many different churches this summer, but I was especially excited to see how the Father blessed at 3 outreaches in 3 different places. Each church made it easy for visitors to come and they were warmly welcomed. I learned a lot from their good examples and was thrilled to work with all of them.

Piney Grove Baptist Church is in Blount County Tennesee, out in the country. Near them are 3 trailer parks. They did not wait for these friends to come to them, but took a wonderful party to their community. They set up in a friend’s yard.
They had a giant inflatable slide, a snowcone machine, terrific food, prizes, and an ocean of their own people. They understood that the easiest way to get a crowd was to have a crowd. In many different ways, they presented the Gospel, but they also included us in their plan. We were honored to participate!

I saw many sweet things that night, but there is one that I will share with you. Some teenagers did not want to listen to the puppet show and though they were asked to come, they stood far away at the street. However as the puppets began to sing, they moved closer. By the time I was telling the story, they were sitting down and listening. God calls people to listen and our friends had covered this time with prayer, so such joys were expected. They asked and believed that God would do great things.
Dundalk First Baptist is in Baltimore. You do not see the beauty of the Smokey Mountains surrounding you as was true with Piney Grove. You are surrounded by an ocean of people. They planned for us to set up outside their church in the yard. People could walk in off the street and they did. One man saw us from his apartment window and joined us. More, they had ice cream afterwards and there were many good conversations. It was a very sweet evening!

In 21 years of ministry, I have never seen a church have 200 plus visitors on a Sunday morning, but First Presbyterian of Dundalk did. They had their closing program for VBS and all the parents and children came. Their air conditioner broke and part of the ceiling came down. Nothing discouraged them even though they had 100 degree temperatures. We were thrilled to share with an ocean of children!
Most said that they did not go to church. A picnic complete with pony rides followed on the church grounds. We tied balloon animals for everyone. What a wonder to share the hope of Jesus with so many who do not have His hope.

All 3 of these churches understood one important truth. Those who are lost and dying with no hope need us to leave our comfort zone, our buildings. They are waiting for us to come to them! Please pray for all who heard the Gospel to connect with these churches and grow in the Lord!


I am very grateful to Covenant of Grace Presbyterian in Reistertown, Maryland. Their generously gave me the adult Sunday School hour to share with their people stories about what the Lord is doing in the lives of children around the world. More, I was able to share a short mission report in the service. Then, we had the joy of being with their children. It was a perfect day!

More, one of the families in the church hosted our entire team. Can you imagine having 5 teenagers and me descend upon you for 10 days when you already have 4 children at home? I believe it could be compared to the Biblical events where locusts came and ate everything. Their generosity made our time in Baltimore possible just like Jim and Suzanne in Sevierville, Tennessee enabled us to share with children all over the Smokey Mountains. I am so glad that all of these friends love bugs! The Father will surely bless all of them in heaven!

WHERE ARE WE?????????

We have left Baltimore and spent 2 days in Pennsylvania. The camp that we had planned to share at lost their power in a terrific storm and had to close. They still have no power after days. However, I was able to see my sweet son and his lovely wife and my beautiful grandchildren. I am very blessed! The young people have enjoyed 2 days of fun and are now well rested and ready to get back to work. Our time in Baltimore blessed all of us, but left us very tired. The rest was much appreciated!

We leave for Ticonderoga, New York tomorrow for ministry with a Christian Missionary Alliance Church. Please go ahead of us with your prayers!

In Jesus, Linda
for Seth, Paige, Jared, Christa, Heather and Meg