Dearest Friends,


Santhusham (pronounced sundoorsham) is the Malayalam word for “joy”. Santhusham is what we experience every day. At a school today we heard so many children praying in Malayalam, asking Jesus to rule their lives. Our hearts are full of joy as we think of this time with the children! Please pray for them to trust in God’s plan for them each day.

Santhusham is also the name of a beautiful little girl at the orphanage. She has bone cancer and needs your prayers. Before she got sick , they tell me that she was always running. Now she limps and uses a crutch, but she is still smiling.

Today I gave Santhusham a copy of my favorite children’s Bible storybook, “The Jesus Storybook”. She has not been able to go to school this year. She is a very good reader. Now, she can read about God’s great rescue plan for all of us. Hold her in your prayers.


Some of you may remember our driver in India last year. Many of you prayed for Ravi. I am so happy to tell you that he will be taking us to Tirapatur this coming week. Ravi is Hindu and we want him to know Jesus. Please begin to pray for him and our time together.

Also please continue to pray for our driver in the Middle East, Mohammed. He was so kind to us and genuinely concerned for our safety. When things began to fall apart in his country’s government, he told us not to worry. He said that he would give his life’s blood for us. This is quite a declaration for a Muslim man speaking to two American and one Irish Christians.

We gave him an illustrated Arabic Bible as a gift. He touched it to his forehead and kissed it. Mohammed really liked my cane and needed one himself. We found him one and gave it to him on our last day. He was very moved and asked me, “What do you want from me?” I said, “Just one thing… Please read the Bible that I gave you”. He promised to read it. Please continue to pray for Mohammed. I want him to know the Father and His Son.

Both Ravi and Mohammed are my friends. I ache for them to know Jesus. Please hold them in your prayers.


It is really beginning to get hot here. After four hours of teaching and a puppet show, I confess that I was beginning to feel it. I was stretched out across the bed, enjoying the ceiling fan. Anna surprised me by coming and washing my feet. Your feet can get quite dirty here with all the dust. She placed a cool cloth on my forehead. Her kindness touched my heart and gave me strength for the next show.

Sam, Padraig and Anna walk in kindness. Their good example shows the children how Jesus changes us and gives us eyes to see others. In class, we have been teaching that you cannot have an effective ministry if you don’t follow Jesus’ example and treat people as He would treat them. Please pray for us as we want to finish our time with the children well, always with our eyes on Jesus.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Pádraig, Sam and Anna