Because of special plans that the schools had today, we expected to only have one program. God was kind to us and He answered your prayers for us. We had 3 programs today and heard so many children put their trust in Jesus as their Savior. Please ask the Father to help them grow strong in their new faith.
We began our day by praying and asking God to make these special shows. We did not want to just do a program; we wanted the children to love it!
The children really blessed the team with their enthusiasm! They loved hearing about Jesus. That is amazing. The team was besieged by students who wanted their autographs. Many wanted their pictures made with different ones. The children laughed and clapped, but so did the teenagers at the last show that we did. More, the children wanted the pictures I drew. I challenged them to tell the story that they had heard to others.It was so much fun and so much hard work, but we are very happy.
Even the Directors (Principals) were generous in their praise. They both said basically the same thing. They talked about how the words that they had heard had touched their hearts. One teacher was very moved by what she saw and heard. Please pray for them as you pray for the children. Please rejoice in the blessing of today!
Tomorrow, Saturday, we are in a community, doing a street type show. We need to be wise and kind and loving. Please pray for us!
We will spend the rest of the day at our Chosica Director’s home enjoying a time of fellowship. Please ask the Lord to make us a blessing to these dear friends!
Please ask the Lord to clear the air. When you can not see the mountain that is right behind the school because of dust and pollution, it is wise to pray.
Please ask the Lord to open many doors for us next week as we begin our last week of ministry in Peru.
In Jesus, Linda for Jacob,Susan,Heather,Billy, and Mykayla