“Whoever gives to the poor will not want, but he who hides his eyes will get many a curse.” Proverbs28: 27
Please do not hide your eyes from the following story. Today, we worked in a very poor place. We were with hurting children who need your prayers. Please see them and pray for them as you read.
We drove up the side of a mountain about 10:00 this morning. The houses that we saw were very small and only the better ones were made of concrete. Most were constructed of whatever they could find, pieces of tin and scraps of wood. Too many families did not even enjoy that fine a home. They had made tents of a sort out of whatever trash was available.
At first, the clouds covered the mountainside and only as they lifted did we see how many little shacks there were. We had set up our stage on an empty lot. In front of us, there was a sea of these little tents. It is a hard place to be a child.
All of the usual problems that come with great poverty were evident. There was alcoholism, abuse of all sorts, and a complete lack of clean water and basic sanitation. Some of the children do not go to school regularly or at all because of the long, steep walk that is required to reach the schools located at the bottom of the mountain.
A little boy taught me to spin a top today in the dirt. Okay, it was really the pointed plastic top off of a bottle of dishwashing detergent, but he was very happy to have it. I was thrilled to play with him.
In this dark place, there is a light. We worked with a kind and humble man, Caesar, who pastors a small church there. We carried all of the benches out of the church and set them in the field. Children, teenagers, and adults gathered to watch the program. Many would not come close, but watched from the safety of their homes or further up the mountain. We had the PA turned up very loud so that the sound carried a great distance.
In soft whispers, we heard some children praying, asking Jesus to rescue them. One older lady was weeping. Another lady, dressed in the traditional dress of a Quechua woman, came to talk to me after the show. She was so very small and her face told a story of a hard life. She thanked me again and again for the story that she had heard. Then, she kissed my dirty hands. She also hugged the team. We gave her the pictures that I had drawn for the story and she was so happy. We also made balloons for everyone. Even the adults were happy with this very small gift.
Many asked when we could come again. This is where your prayers can make a difference. We want to schedule all of the schools in this place on Thursday and if needed, Friday. Please ask the Father to open these doors.
There is so much brokenness in this place. If it were possible to have all of the money you can imagine to pour into this place, their greatest needs would remain. These children have no hope. They need Jesus. These children have broken hearts. They need Jesus. They ache to be loved and to be seen. Only God our Father can satisfy these deep needs.
Thank you for seeing! Pray!
In Jesus, Linda for a very blessed team!!!