Today, we worshiped with our Quechua brothers and sisters at the above named church. The older Quechua ladies are so small that they make me look like a giant. I am only 5foot 5inches, but I tower over most of them. One lady was playing a big necklace of jungle seeds that she used as a percussion instrument. It was incredible!
I always enjoy watching people’s faces when they worship God . Many of the older ladies had endured the terrors of The Shining Path. You could see their stories in the lines of their faces. Their deep faith challenges me to love Jesus more.
I was able to share missionary stories and I hope encourage them to reach the children of Peru for Jesus. I talked about how nothing is impossible for God.
We sang in Quechua and Spanish today. I thought that you would enjoy seeing one of the songs as we sang it in worship. Don’t worry…there is also an English translation.
Allpallamanta kallani
Jesusniyman rikchakuq
Vidanpa chaninmi kallani
Yawarninwan rantisqa
Polvo de la tierra soy
Semejante a mi Senor
Precio de su vida soy con su
Sangre me compro
I’m made from the dust of the earth
Made like the Lord
I am the price of His life
Because He bought me with His blood.
Pray for us as we return to the schools tomorrow!
In Jesus, Linda for Jacob,Susan,Heather,Billy, and Mykayla