God is so good to me! I so much want to live the life our Lord lived, but I make mistakes. I say things that I regret. I get so focused on the work, that I do not always consider carefully how my concerns sound when I share them with others. Today was such a day!
I would love to say to you that I never get frustrated or discouraged, but it is not true. Besides, any of you who know me, already know the truth. I was very unhappy today with the schedule.
It is not a good match for our program to put us with very small children, 2 ,3,and 4 year olds. I am too loud and the puppets scare them. More, little ones do not know that there are other languages. When they hear my English, they are scared. Our first 2 shows were with such little ones.
I should have thanked God and been praying for Him to show us what to do. I did do that, but not first. Instead, I allowed my troubled spirit to spill into my friend’s lives. First, I talked to the Father, was convicted of my sin, and then I asked my friends to forgive me for my thoughtless words.
God is gracious! The first show went better than could have been expected. The children listened and even the teachers loved the program. It was a wonderful time for all of us!
The second show was all that I feared. Some children listened, but more did not listen. Worst of all, the Director became very annoyed with our speaking English to small children. She demanded that I should learn Spanish. I have never had this problem before. She got rather loud. I will spare you her comments, but let us say that she was not happy.  We all left very sad and discouraged.
We really had done our best, but the director’s displeasure hurt all of us. She is not a believer. Please pray for her not to be angry with other Christians and still allow programs in her school.
However, we have all learned what to do when everything goes wrong. We immediately got together and prayed. Then, just as we finished praying, a friend came to tell us that we had picked up a third show for bigger children and teenagers.
We grabbed all of our equipment and walked the 4 blocks as fast as we could to the school. I was thanking God! We had a couple of hundred children and teenagers. The program could not have gone better. They laughed and seemed to enjoy everything we did. So many children trusted in Jesus! The Director of this school was very happy and invited us to come again whenever we could.  
Yes, the third school was a good match for what we do. However, I believe that as God changed my attitude today, it mattered less. I had my eyes in the right place. I am so grateful to God for His patience and love. I am so grateful for each member of this precious team.  They have blessed so many children and they have blessed me. I am so grateful for your prayers.
In Jesus, Linda for a very tired and happy bunch!