It is early Wednesday morning, but I am still in awe of all that I saw the Father do yesterday. We had a very difficult day on Monday and all of us were somewhat discouraged by the very negative comments of one of the school directors.
However, yesterday the Lord gave us back everything that the enemy had tried to take from us. We did 3 programs yesterday, giving us an opportunity to share with more than 700 children plus their teachers. The children loved everything we did and so did their teachers. More, they responded with enthusiasm when given the opportunity to ask Jesus to be their Savior.
Two teachers came to me after the first 2 programs and promised to continue to teach the children more about how they could follow Jesus. Praise God!
Two of our programs were at the primary and elementary schools run by the University of Cantuta. This is an extremely large university which graduates many doctors, lawyers, and teachers every year. The Director of the children’s schools was thrilled with the program. He watched twice. He said, “Your language was not even a problem, the program was so good! You can come again any time that you are in Peru.” They even gave us transportation in their school bus. They showered us with many kindnesses and comforted our souls.
The Director of the second school had the same response. His teachers were also thrilled with the stories about Jesus that we told the children. More, they loved the stories for themselves.
The greatest gift that the Father gave us today was the children’s overwhelming gratitude for what they had heard. They thanked us and kissed us on the cheek. My face was wet because I was kissed so much. They smiled and laughed and many now walk with the Father. They listened so well that we all knew that God had truly poured His spirit on the day. We finished encouraged and so happy.
I have joy when the children hear! Still, I want to remember the lessons and struggles of Monday. It is good to have a day like that every now and then. I am so grateful that we do not have them very often, but still I am thankful for all of God’s gifts to me!
There is no school today, but we will do a street show this afternoon in the very poor area where we worked the other day. Please ask the Father to gather many children and adults to hear his stories! Please ask Him to give them courage to follow Jesus in a difficult place!
In Jesus, Linda for a very happy team!!!