Dearest Friends,
We saw so many wonders this summer! Presently, I am sitting in the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina, waiting for a flight to Dublin, Ireland. However, my thoughts are far from this place. I am remembering a park in downtown Philadelphia. More than 200 children and teenagers were sitting on the ground on a very hot summer day. They listened better than the children at many church shows that I have done. They were hungry to hear about Jesus.
Where they live, there is gang activity, drugs, and prostitution. It is a dark place, but on that day, the Father flooded the park with His light. The children and teenagers prayed loudly, asking Jesus to rescue them. I left that dark place full of joy and confident that the Lord would take care of the children.
We worked with a precious pastor from 8th Street Community Church. The church was very small, but their hearts were big. Please pray for this place and for all of the children who came to faith that wonderful day! Please pray for our ministry in Ireland!
In Jesus, Linda for the Team