Dearest Friends,
We spent today doing puppets in front of a Viking boat. I stared at the carved dragon’s head as I told the children stories about Jesus.In between shows, I watched sword fights. Let me explain.
Today, Saturday, we arrived safely in Dublin, Ireland with all of our luggage. Praise God! We left the airport, drove north, and enjoyed lunch with dear friends at Murlough House near Newcastle, Northern Ireland. Then we quickly traveled to the village of Annalong, a small fishing village that traces its history back to the time of the Vikings.
Today was a big festival there and we were invited to work with a local church. We did 3 street shows over the afternoon, setting up in front of a Viking boat that was on display. Every show was a blessing! I was very surprised at the size of the crowds. The shows were very well attended, with families from many different backgrounds.
Once, it seemed that there was no way we would be able to share with the children. The rain poured, but Sam insisted that the sun would come out. He was right. I was more than surprised when the  big conversationssky cleared and the sun began to shine. Our friends were surprised that so many attended. The big draw was a drinking contest at the pub. We were asked to come and offer the families a good option for their children. A man watched our program and asked  Sam about coming to another town’s festival. This was wonderful!
In between shows, we tied balloons for the children and talked with them about God’s love for them. I told so many that they could put their trust in Jesus. I love how the Father uses simple things like balloons to open doors for important conversations. God is very kind to us!
Please pray for all who heard about Jesus Christ today. Ask God to give them deep faith. Please pray for the children that we will share with at a church in Bangor on Sunday morning. I am telling a new story and nervous.Please pray for the afternoon street shows and ask God to move in many people’s hearts. We are in Ireland, so please pray continually for no rain.
In Jesus, Linda for Mykayla Kelley, Meg Abbott, Billy Salinas, Seth Barrett. and Sam and Silvana Shaw