Today we were at another caravan park. It is a place in Northern Ireland where people go for a holiday. We had an unusually large crowd, with many parents attending.
Meg was sharing her testimony. She said " You know ever since I was a little girl I’ve belived in Jesus. When I was six years old, I was in a car accident that killed both my parents and my two brothers. I was the only survivor, but you know what that showed me…..that God had a purpose for my life. He has a purpose for everyone of your lives too. I am going to sing a song for you. It’s called ‘In Christ Alone’. It talks about how Jesus is always there for you."
As she was singing, God’s sweet spirit fell on people. I saw in their faces how the Father was touching them. Then amazingly, I could hear people in the crowd singing with her. They knew the song. It was an especilly sweet time!
Tomorrow, Wednesday, is our last day of ministry in the Caravan parks. Please ask God to pour His spirit on this time with the children.
Some of you may remember a story that we told last year about a small boy named Luca. He has grown up in a hard place where children are often taught to hate. Last year, he asked Jesus to be his Savior. Even though others laughed and made fun of him as he prayed, he did not stop. Each night there after, he prayed again, trying to give the others courage. Many joined him.
Tonight, we had many new children. They were silent as we began to pray. After the first couple of lines of the prayer, I heard little Luca’s soft whisper.Again he was trying to give them courage.
Please ask God to give the children the courage to talk to Jesus. A little boy asked us to pray for his step father who yells a lot and is lazy. Will you pray for his step father to come to Jesus?
In Jesus,
Linda, Mykayla, Billy, Seth, Meg, Sam, and Silvana