A large group of children gathered at a playground at a caravan park to watch our puppet show. This is a place where people come to have a holiday, a vacation, from all over Northern Ireland. It is a sweet opportunity to see many children and their parents that we would normally not have a chance to tell about Jesus.
At one point in the story, I asked the children a question. I said, "What can you do when you are afraid?" Today, a little girl actually had the right answer. This had never happened before. She said, "You can pray." I was so happy to hear her response. It was very unusual for this to happen here. More, a little girl told us after the program that she wanted to be a missionary. I have never heard that before either. It was a day of sweet surprises!
I love working on the streets! You never know who you will come or if they will stay. You can not predict their response. Many times people throw things and curse. We keep smiling and remember except for God in us, we would do worse. Such situations keep you on your knees and there is no better place to be. Today’s crowd was very calm and well behaved, but prayer is always the right plan!
We worked with Reality, an Irish Christian band that we have worked with for many years.We always have the greatest adventures when we are together. I talked with so many children, teenagers, and adults and told them how Jesus alone could give them hope, love, and take away their fear. I stare into a sea of eyes. Some are so hungry for truth. Please pray for all of the children who came to the shows yesterday. Ask the Father to call them to Himself. 
There is great need here as many attend church and think that they are fine. At a church show yesterday, children told me that the way to go to heaven was by attending church. Many here have been taught that they can be good enough for God. Please pray for this country to be flooded with the truth and light that only the Gospel brings.  
In Jesus, Linda for Billy, Seth, Mykayla, Meg, Sam and Silvana