Dearest Friends,
My heart has broken so many times as I watched so many parents drag their children away from the puppet shows. They always turn and look backwards for as long as they possibly can. Always these children are in my prayers.
I heard a very encouraging story from one of my Irish friends. As a little girl, she went to a Christian camp and asked Jesus Christ to be her Savior. She was so happy and immediately told her parents. Their response was to burn her Bible. She was only 6 years old, but fell deeply in love with Jesus. Across the next 10 years, her parents did everything they could to discourage her faith, but she held on to Jesus.
She was not allowed to have her Bible at home, so her friends would send her pages of scripture hidden in letters. She told me she could not wait to hear what had happened next in the story. Her parents were very religious but did not love God.
By the time she was sixteen, she had her own Bible and was able to keep it. She wrapped it in brown paper to make it look like one of her school text books. Her 98 year old grandmother asked her what she was reading. The grandmother had lived a very religious life, but had never heard about Jesus and His sacrifice for her. My friend had the joy of leading her grandmother to faith in Christ. The following year, at 99, her grandmother went home to be with Jesus.
As my Irish friend told me this story, I wept. As I thought of all the children and the different shows we have done and how their parents tried to keep them from listening, I was suddenly encouraged. I was reminded that God is faithful to complete His work in people’s lives. His steadfast love never fails! She was so happy to bring her little boy to watch one of our puppet shows. Now she has the joy of teaching her little boy about Jesus. Her family story will be different from how she grew up. God is faithful!
We have left Tralee with hearts full of joy and are now working in Galway. We are sleeping on church floors and very grateful. Street ministry is a great adventure. Our nights are very late. We work all afternoon and evening, often getting in bed by 1AM. If you could see what we see, you would know why we all love this work. Tomorrow, we will be in a park in the afternoon and then back on the street in the evening. Please pray for good weather and ask God to give us a good location on the street. Please ask the Father to call many to faith.
In Jesus, Linda for The Agape Puppets and Reality.