So many amazing things have been happening as we did shows on the street in Galway. It seems the whole world comes to this place. We have literally met people from five different continents. Please take the time to read through the following list and pray for these people. Please know that there are many more stories that we simply to not have the time to write. God has blessed this time and we are so grateful for your prayers.
1.      Please pray for a French family who were believers and were watching us to get ideas for sharing Jesus love in their own country.
2.      Please pray for an atheist and his family who stayed and listen to a large part of the programme this afternoon.
3.      Please pray for a man from the Philippines who stayed and listened even though he said he would not have listened to a Gospel presentation. Truly, God caused him to listen.
4.      We meet many drunks on the street and some of them we see year to year. Some of these men and women were not with us this year. The consequences of Jerry’s lifestyle finally caught up with him and he died this year. Always there is a man named Patrick who dances with the puppets as they sing. However we did not see him on this trip. Both of these men and many others have often caused us problems during the programme as they cursed us and tried to bother the equipment. Today there was a man who was also drunk whose name I do not know. As I was telling the story in Eyre Square, he interrupted the story and insisted I speak with him then and there. Please pray for all of the people in this place who suffer with different kinds of addiction. Ask God to deliver them from darkness in to light.
5.      Please pray for our family from Italy and Canada who different members of the team shared with about God’s great rescue plan.
6.      Please pray for Jenny an English lady from London who needs Jesus.
7.      Please pray for a young French woman who was brought to tears as she listened to Reality sing.
8.      Please pray for John who is a homeless man whose mother has just died. He has not drunk in 18months, but this is a difficult time for him.
9.      Please pray for Daniel and Ivan, two Russian xylophone players, who helped us get a good place to share on the main street of Galway’s town center. We expect to see them again in Dublin and want to see them come to faith in Jesus Christ.
10.  One of our friends shared with a Moslem man who is not open to the truth of the Gospel. Ask God to give him ears to hear.
11.  Please pray for a couple that our friend Nikita spoke with about her personal testimony. They are not believers, but listened well.
12.  Please pray for the hundreds of children who heard about Jesus over the last two days.
13.  A lady in a hotel heard the music and came into the street to listen. She is English and came to Ireland to search for her missing niece. Please ask the Lord to comfort her and help her find her niece.
14.  Please pray for a young man listen to Seth give his testimony. Afterwards, he came and spoke with Seth. He told that he felt God had abandoned him. He has buried his brother, mother and sister. He is a very broken man who desperately needs the comfort that only Jesus can give.
15.  During one story a full one third of the crowd left as soon as I said the name Jesus. Please ask the Father to be kind to them and turn them all to faith.
16.  Please pray for a man from Brazil who is struggling to find a good church. We were able to connect him with a local believer.
17.  Please rejoice that many people who were already Christians came and thanked us for the program.
18.  One Irish Christian asked us to pray for a friend from Brazil who does not know the Lord.
19.  A friend shared with a woman from Zimbabwe who has many needs.
20.  Please pray for so many people who tried to look like they weren’t listening, but were really listening. Please ask God to help all of them remember all the things that were said today about His wonderful plan for their lives.
21.  Please pray for us as we leave Galway early tomorrow to travel to Castlebar and Westport. We have shows there tomorrow afternoon and evening that need your prayers.
In Jesus,
Linda for The Agape Puppets and Reality.