Dearest Friends,
Note: We are in the west of Ireland and internet access is easier in India. Rejoice as you read what God has done! Please keep praying and please forgive the delay.
A mother with 5 children in tow came to watch a program on the streets. She was pushing a stroller for herself to sit in as the band sang and we did the puppet show. Her face told the story of a hard life. Two of her little boys talked with me.
Daniel and his brother were very curious about everything they saw. They asked me for everything, including my chalk. They watched multiple programs on the streets of Tralee.
As we finish every group of shows, the band and the puppets sing together. I draw a picture of 2 cliffs with God and man on opposite sides, separated by sin. Then, I draw the cross of Jesus as the only bridge between the 2 cliffs.
As I finished, the band and the puppets were still singing. Daniel and his brother were right at my feet. They asked what my drawing meant. While all my friends sang, I had the joy of telling 2 little boys how they could come to Jesus. They were so excited. Please pray for them, asking the Father to call them to deep faith. I gave them the picture to help them remember.
In January of this year, Louise buried her husband of 63 years. Though frail, she stood for the entire afternoon of shows in Westport and listened. She told me that she and her husband were from different church traditions, but she knew nothing about Jesus. She told me that she had never talked to Him, but she considered herself a religious person.
I shared with Louise my story, telling her about Mike’s life and death and his new life in heaven. She hung onto every word as I explained that God would be a husband to the widows. We even wrote down the verse in Psalm 68 for her that makes this promise. I shared with Louise how I had learned to hear the Father’s voice and listen even as I once listened to my husband’s counsel in all the details of life.
We talked about the overwhelming loneliness that comes when a wife no longer walks beside her husband this side of heaven. I encouraged her that my only hope and my only comfort was found in Jesus. Please pray for Louise to put her trust in Jesus Christ. Please pray for the local church that we connected her with so that they could show her God’s love as revealed in Jesus Christ.
This lovely lady came to a street show in Westport. She was very direct in her comments to me and clearly expected me to respond in kind. As God gave me the grace not to respond to her arguments, I simply talked to her about Jesus Christ and His deep love for her. She left after watching a good bit of the program, but returned twice to hear more. I believe that God is drawing her to the cross. Please hold her in your prayers.
At our program on the mall in Castlebar, we enjoyed a lot of Irish sunshine. In other words, we got very wet. As I began to tell the story, the rain started. Most people left, but some remained, including a dear man and his sweet wife who was in a wheelchair. Former missionaries to Romania, they have become my friends and for the last 2 nights in Castlebar, I have enjoyed the hospitality of their home.
Their godly example challenged others to listen and stand in the rain. It was coming down so hard that I could not draw. So I acted out the story of Joseph. Please pray for those who heard about the forgiveness that only Jesus gives.
When a lady spoke in broken English and told me that she was from Latvia, I asked her if we could speak in Russian. She enthusiastically replied “yes”. Don’t be impressed. In 10 sentences, I ran out of Russian. I knew what she said, but could not remember how to respond.
In Russian, I told her that I loved God and loved Jesus. I told her that Jesus loved her. Again she replied “Yes, yes”.
God was kind to us! We had set up in front of a Christian bookstore that had booklets in Russian explaining how to trust in Jesus. She was so happy when she received this gift. Please ask God to draw her into deep faith.
Today, Reality and The Agape Puppets are traveling to Dublin. Go ahead of us with your prayers. Pray for a good place on the street to share. Pray for good weather. Pray for many to put their trust in Jesus. Pray for wisdom and strength.
In Jesus,
Linda for
Sam, Silvana, Meg, Billy, Mykayla, Seth, Colette, Anna, Padraig, Joe, Stephen, Valerie, Julie, Nikita, Nathan, Dana, Claire, Sarah, Raymee, Michelle, Brandon, John, Anne, and Matthew