Dearest Friends,
I love snow, Christmas trees, mountains and meals with long conversations. Best of all, I love hearing children call on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them and be their King. Today, I am very blessed, snow crowned the mountains and both schools we visited today were still decorated for Christmas.
Our very late lunch lasted a couple of hours. We talked about everything. The table was full of my favorite dishes, tabbouleh, hummus, and wuarak enab. The last one is made by rolling grape leaves and stuffing them with seasoned rice and meat.
We did programs for over 500 children, their teachers, and many nuns today. At both schools, we were told that the children had been waiting for us to return. They remembered the story that I had told last year. When I told the children about how Jesus forgives sin and has prepared a place for them in heaven, one little boy began to clap. I described heaven as a place where there is no fear. It is cold here and there is only space heating so the children loved it when I told them that in heaven, it is never too cold. The little boy clapped all by himself, thrilled with these wonderful truths. Soon most of the room joined him.
The children were mostly from Catholic and Orthodox backgrounds, with some Muslim children. They loved the puppet shows, but I loved today even more! Please continue to pray for these children. Ask God to give them deep faith.
Tomorrow, Saturday, we begin training a new team. Already, we have met with part of this group and shared a time of Bible study and prayer together. Ask the Father to make us good teachers. Please ask Him to bless these students in their efforts.
We are planning programs for this coming week in many Muslim villages where the children will be hearing the Gospel for the first time. We need your prayers. Our schedule is mostly full but there are still some empty places for you to cover in prayer. Please stay on your knees.
In Jesus,
Linda for
Jared and Anna