Dearest Friends,
There are many stories here about God speaking to people in their dreams. Our friends have heard many such testimonies from their Muslim friends. Mahfood talked with a woman who had a dream that people were coming to see her the next day. She was instructed to listen. When our believing friend arrived, she readily received the Good News about Jesus that he brought.
We are working in an area where there are 800,000 Muslims. Among them, there are some extreme factions and scattered throughout the area, there are a couple hundred of true believers. The Muslim areas are economically depressed and there are many needs. Our Christian brothers and sisters make many home visits to Muslims delivering warm clothes, blankets and carpets for cold tile floors.
The response is amazing! I have seen pictures of a Muslim family reading God’s word together and examining Jesus’ claims. We will participate in these visits on Tuesday, so please pray. We had planned to do a show in the village but there was some trouble. We will seek to reach the children in a different way. Pray!
Yesterday, we had an incredible time training a new puppet team. We met in a church in a distant village. Some time ago, fanatic Muslims attacked the village. Some believers in the church were killed. A man lost his pregnant wife in the attack. The believers reacted in a way that clearly demonstrated God’s great love. As they forgave those who had killed them, many doors opened for them o share their faith in the Muslim community. The Christians endured the pain and persevered in their faith. May we all follow their example.
Please stay on your knees!
In Jesus,
Linda for
Anna and Jared