Dearest Friends,
Today, we were at a village school with many Muslim teachers and Muslim students. The teachers sought me out after the show to thank me.  We received a very warm welcome and were told by the principal to consider her school our home. She invited us to come again.
All of these comments are even more amazing when you consider the content of our program. The children heard a very clear gospel message using puppets, storytelling and testimonies. They were totally drawn into the story. The entire school turned to look for Jesus as I told them about Zacchaeus climbing a tree and waiting for Jesus to walk down the road. They fully expected to see Jesus. A few prayed in soft whispers, but from the way they responded, I expect to see more of these children in heaven. Please ask the Father to grow their understanding of Him, even though they live in a difficult place.
We were told that many of their parents come to the school telling the teachers that they can beat their children since they also beat them. One mother was biting her children as a method of discipline.
You simply cannot imagine how sweet the story of Jesus is to children who are hearing it for the first time. They hear about hope and unconditional love. Is it any wonder that they want to see Jesus.
Each day we pray, asking God to draw the children to faith in Jesus Christ. We ask to be light so that they might see truth. We seek to be kind so that they may taste His great love. All of us were so blessed as the entire room clapped when the Great Teacher was revealed to be Jesus Christ, the son of God. There were hundreds of children in the room and so many trusted in Jesus. Praise God!
The school was described as a Greek Catholic school. They asked us to do a second show for the rest of the school. This time, only a few children prayed out loud, but they did not stop, even when their friends did not join them. The nuns had the biggest smiles, though some of the teachers spent most of the show making faces. We are welcome here again.
All of us were sweetly surprised at the response at a Sunday afternoon church show. More came than were expected. There were church members, but there were also many visitors.
Too often, church children are not well behaved, but not this time. They listened well, laughed, and enjoyed the entire program. We finished with a real sense that God had blessed us. Rejoice!
Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will make home visits to a Muslim village. Please pray for opportunities to share Jesus and His love as we tie balloons and tell short stories on the street. We will be demonstrating how to use a tool we have designed especially for use in areas where there is persecution. Sometimes, it is wiser to take in less equipment, so that you will not be so obvious. This area requires a different approach. Please pray for the children in this Muslim village to trust in Jesus. Many have already shown an interest.
In Jesus,
Linda for
Jared and Anna