Dearest Friends,

We had expected to be in a village school, but found ourselves in an area that has experienced war and many riots. Some of the apartment buildings were still destroyed, having never been rebuilt after the last conflict. We could see the marks left in the walls by many rounds of gunfire.
Today found us working in an area that is between 2 groups of Muslims, the Alawites and Sunnis. The schools where we worked were located near military checkpoints and so you do not need to worry about our safety. Children from both groups attended the programs.
How good our Father is to us that He would allow us to stand in the dark and be light! We were invited back to both schools and this was especially sweet to hear. We presented a very clear story about God’s forgiveness and how the children can be forgiven when they put their trust in Jesus. These are Muslim schools that we are doing our programs in and even the teachers are listening.
At the second school, we had some trouble with crowd control as a couple of hundred students stood to listen to the program. I was concerned that the teachers would be upset with us because we did have unbelievable sound problems. However, during the story they listened with the sweetest spirit. I knew people were praying.
Many of the teachers spoke with our friend and told him that they could “feel peace flowing from my face”. These dear people do not know Jesus. Many were hearing about Him for the first time. They know nothing of God’s Holy Spirit. You and I understand that “the peace” they experienced was only the Father kindly answering all of our prayers.
1.          Tomorrow, Thursday, we hope to hear about the permits that we need to cross a particular checkpoint so that we can reach families who are waiting for our visit.
2.          Also tomorrow, Anna and I will be speaking to a dear group of ladies. I am planning on teaching on how to live as a believer, how our faith affects our day to day living.
3.          In the afternoon, we will visit another Muslim refugee family. During our time, we will deliver needed food and other help. However, our primary reason for going is to share with them our wonderful hope, Jesus Christ and how He will care for them. Please pray for wisdom and grace.
In Jesus,
Jared and Anna