Dearest Friends,
Here are 3 urgent prayer requests. Please be faithful in praying for us! God is making us a light in the darkness.
1. There is a lady that needs your prayers. Her home has become a difficult and sometimes dangerous place. She urgently needs God to move in her huband’s life this weekend. She is a new believer and trusting God to do something big in her life. She is very dicouraged. Pray!
2. Our permits were refused because we did not use the proper form. We have resubmitted our applications. Please pray that if this is the Father’s will for us that we would get permission. A military Colonel has requested that we do 2 shows in the area. Others are asking for us. We want to do what God wants us to do. Pray!
3. Tommorrow, Friday, we are renting a hall and bringing the children to us. We can not cross the checkpoint, but they can. The hall is expensive, but what price do you put on a child hearing the Gospel? They are all Muslim refugees from a country that I am not allowed to enter as a missionary. This is a precious opportunity. Pray!
In Jesus,
Linda for,
Anna and Jared