Today, Friday, we saw the Father do something wonderful. You are going to love reading this report!
We traveled to a distant town which was as close as we could get to the border. The place that we were not permitted to enter is the last town before you step across the border into another country. There is a great distrust between these 2 countries.
Let me share with you some of the problems that we have faced today. As usual, our sound system was acting up, though after the program, it is always fine. We had to rent a very expensive building. It had no heat and it snowed last night in the mountains. There were no chairs and a very cold tile floor for the children to sit on. We had to pack carefully so that we could bring many rugs for the children to sit upon!
The town we were in professes to love God and follow Jesus, but they were angry at us for bringing “those Muslims” to their town. The official clearly stated that a permit would be required in the future. He also made clear that no such permit would ever be granted. I found myself thinking of scripture. Jesus said, “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. You are my friends if you do what I command you” John 15:12-14.
How do we show God’s love to a Muslim child? How do we tell a Muslim child about Jesus Christ and God’s great rescue plan if we are not willing to go to them? What price is too much to pay so that they might hear about the one true God?
We faced many other difficulties which we saw the Father sort. One of our biggest problems was that we could not go to the children because we did not have the proper permits. Finally, we took our van and other vehicles and brought the children to us. Many of their mothers came too!
At the beginning of the program Jared led the children in a very enthusiastic dance to the song, “Big, Big House.” We had to warm them up. Then, our friends passed out warm winter hats. Everyone immediately put them on including the mothers who were wearing head coverings. It was cold.
At the end of the program, our friends gave them warm socks and we made everyone flying mice balloons.
We were free to explain God’s great rescue plan as revealed through faith in Jesus Christ. As we invited these refugee children to pray with us, we encouraged them that God can hear them if they pray silently. We understand the danger to the children, but their greatest danger is still life without Christ. Still, one little girl prayed out loud. I thought, “Have I ever loved Jesus so much?”
I was blessed by the fact that every parent in attendance told us that they loved the program. They all asked us to come and see them in their town. They begged us to come. We are trusting God to open that door and get us permits if
He chooses.
Today was a great blessing! We enjoyed a sweet time of fellowship as we shared a late lunch. The day finished with a Bible Study group with the believers in the new church where we are working. They love the word of God. We love working with Pastor Shadi and the Church Without Walls. They have a real passion for Jesus Christ! It is our joy to serve with them, to reach the children with God’s good news.
In Jesus,
Linda for
Anna and Jared