Dearest Friends,
The other day I asked you to pray for a lady who was in desperate need to see God do something big in her life. I have seen God powerfully answer that prayer. Her husband asked Jesus Christ to be his Savior. He prayed with us as we were enjoying a time of fellowship together. It was a sweet and wonderful moment to watch him drop his excuses for refusing Jesus and finally put his trust in the Savior. His countenance changed. There was a softness in his eyes that had not been there before. The anger in his voice was gone. Truly, Jesus transforms hearts. Please continue to pray for this dear man, ask God to make him the husband and father that he needs to be. Please ask the Father to protect him as he is very new to this different walk.
Yesterday, we finished training a new puppet team. They were wonderfully enthusiastic. It gave me great joy to watch them trying some of the things we had taught them. They will need your prayers, as this is a very difficult area for the Gospel. Please pray that God quickly increase their skills and ask Him to make them wise as they schedule puppet shows.
I need you to pray for an existing team that is having problems. They have not responded to my request for a meeting or offered me any report about what they are doing. Usually this lack of contact would indicate that they have not been doing programs for the children. If that is true, I need to take back this set of puppet equipment and place it with someone who will use it. I am always very clear when I place equipment that it does not belong to an individual or a church. I always state that it is on loan to them as long as they are faithful in sharing Jesus with the children. These are dear people. I love them and I do not wish to hurt them, but I need to get this equipment and put it where it can be used as a light for the Kingdom. It is simply too valuable a resource to sit in a closet. Please ask the Father to give me wisdom in dealing with this situation.
Yesterday we stopped and visited with a Marianite priest. We had a very good meeting and he gave us permission to do 3 shows for the 800 children in his school. Praise God! We will do these programs on Wednesday. I cannot think of a better way to spend our last day in this beautiful country! Please begin to pray that these children would be receptive to the Gospel. As with all other schools, they are from many different backgrounds.
Please pray for these last few days that we have here in this amazing place. Please ask the Father to call many to faith.  If we could get our permits by Tuesday, then we would be able to make some home visits in an area that has been asking us to come. We have been told that there is no hope; our God is a God of hope. Thank you for standing with us in prayer.
In Jesus,
Jared and Anna