Dearest Friends,

These are three incredible stories and worth the read. Please take the time to be amazed at God.

Tuareg Refugee Camp

For many years, these people were inaccessible for the Gospel. They lived in the North of Mali and fled here, to Ouagadougou when the war broke out. The Tuaregs are Muslim extremists that are now open to the Gospel because our friends that we are working with fed them breakfast for weeks. They were the first group to come besides the government. This great kindness on the Hayslips’ part has given them many opportunities to share the hope of Jesus Christ with people who would have never have listened before.

This afternoon, Saturday, we had the sweetest time as we did a puppet show for the children and many mothers and fathers. Since this camp is staffed with police and in Ouagadougou, we were safe and able to see our dreams come true. We told devout Muslim children all about Jesus Christ and they listened. Some of their parents took a few children away, but many of the parents thanked me. We even explained how they could ask Jesus to rescue them, give them hope and love, and take away their fear. Some children from the street climbed over the wall into the compound so that they could listen.

The Tuaregs are a nomadic people that herd camels and move North Africa. They wear turbans that wrap around the lower part of their faces and have long, flowing robes. Alcida recruits from these people. Traditionally, Christians would be chased from these places. Our God is awesome! He gave us an opportunity.

Please hold these children before the throne. They sat in the afternoon sun and listened with their hearts. Pray that they remember. Pray that they hold onto Jesus! Soon, they will return to Mali and the door will close. Pray for our friends, the Hayslips, who are constantly ministering to the Tuaregs while they are in the area. Pray!

The Kouroumba

These people, The Kouroumba, are an unreached people group for Jesus Christ. There are a group of 100,000 people with maybe 60 believers. Some of the new team here were already using smaller puppets and doing outreaches to distribute boxes for Operation Christmas Child. They will be traveling to see the Koruroumba children to distribute gifts and use the opportunity to lead them to faith in Jesus! We helped fund this outreach to children we will not be able to see, who have never heard about Jesus before in their own language.

Please pray for our friends as they are going to places where the Gospel has never been. These people live in a remote area and are not easily reached. Pray for the team’s favorable reception. Pray for the truck to work well. Pray for the children to respond to the Gospel.

Rachel’s Story

This morning, we took a few hours to shop and appreciate the amazing crafts that the local people make. I began to talk with one lady who was selling carvings. She told Heidi and me a sad story about the brokenness in her life and the different men she had known. Rachel told us that she had prayed and prayed, asking God to make the last man she had known to stay with her. She had even fasted. Finally, she abandoned God and began to make animal sacrifices to false gods. She concluded that God was not listening.

Rachel said that her mother was a believer, but every time that she went to church with her, Rachel fell asleep at the invitation. She seemed very troubled and wanted a change. I asked the Father to give me wisdom as to how to explain to her why God was not moving in her life, despite her religious practices. The Father was gracious. He gave me wisdom to answer her questions. Finally, she said that she wanted to pray and ask Jesus to be her Savior. She knelt and we knelt with her. Seth, Paige, and Heather circled around her on their knees. I lead her in a prayer and Heidi translated it into French. Wow! It was incredible!

When Rachel stood up her countenance had changed. Please pray for her protection from the enemy and those that serve him. She has been involved some very dark things. Only God’s Holy Spirit in her life can deliver her and keep her safe.

In Jesus,
Linda for Seth, Paige, and Heather