Dearest Friends,

Home in Northern Ireland:

          I’ve been to Northern Ireland so many times it does feel like my second home. I’m happy to report that we arrived safely yesterday along with all of our luggage. Last night our friends gave us a very warm welcome. We are staying at Murlough House where our friends John and Jo prepared a very good dinner for us.

          We spent part of last night praying for the work we plan to do in Ireland the rest of our time here. We will be working with an Irish Christian band named Reality. We had a sweet time of fellowship last night, prayed together, and ate some wonderful deserts. These friends have become very dear to me. Every time we are together again, it seems as though we have never been apart. These friends love Jesus with passion and they have real vision for reaching people on the street for Jesus. Please hold us in your prayers as we begin our great adventure tomorrow. We will start in Dublin and be there for the weekend. Please pray for a good spot on the street for us to do our ministry. Please pray for the weather, as they have had more rain this summer than they have enjoyed for over 100 years. Please ask God to give each one of us great patience, love for Jesus, and love for one another.

          We spent today practicing puppets. I have an amazing team of young people with me that have big hearts for Jesus. Today I watched the Lord give them big skills to go with their big hearts. I have every confidence that will do an excellent job. Keep them in your prayers.

In Jesus,

Linda for Anna Proper, Sara Garner, Colleen Maier, Sam Cornwell, Sam & Silvana Shaw