Dearest Friends,

Grafton Street, Dublin

You would have loved seeing the crowds that stood on the street tonight. We had great weather which was a first for Dublin. Many friends joined us to talk with people on the street who stopped to hear about Jesus. We also had no problems with anyone objecting to us being there. This is another first. We did have 2 dancing drunks, lots of people taking pictures with their phones, and several people who shouted at us though with the accent we could not really understand . Some ladies came and posed with the puppets while they were up singing.

Better, we had at so many people who stood and listened to the Gospel. Though I have seen it so many times, I was amazed. I am always amazed at how God calls people to Himself. Some stood for hours, watching every show we did and listening to every song the band sung.My new puppet team was so surprised!

I looked into the eyes of so many broken people. I ached for them to discover that they are a treasure to God. Please pray for these times as we will share with hundreds and hundreds of people during our time in Dublin. Ask God to show us His mighty power!

In Jesus, Linda For Reality, The Agape Puppets, and God’s Handiwork