Dearest Friends,

Two Amazing Champions
The floors of St. Mark’s church are our home this weekend. This church is so supportive, always coming with us to our outreaches and sharing with all who come to stand and listen. Please hold this church in your prayers as this week has been a rollercoaster of emotions for them.
On Thursday, the church celebrated their own member, Katie Taylor, as she won the gold medal for Ireland in boxing. She is a committed Christian who has been very public with her testimony. When she won, she gave Jesus all the credit for her success. She said, “Where would I be if not for the grace of God?”
On Saturday, their joy turned to mourning as a beloved man in their church, Leo, went home to be with Jesus. A few weeks ago, the doctors told him that he had cancer all thru his body. Leo pointed toward heaven and said, “Jesus is the one who is in charge of my life.” Pray for his wife, children, grandchildren and friends as they grieve the loss of their friend.
This morning, the pastor’s sermon was on these 2 amazing champions. He shared how Katie got a gold medal and Leo got a golden crown. He talked about how these 2 champions and how their victories can encourage each one of us to run the race that the Lord has given us.
I left the service begging God to make me a living sacrifice for His glory. Please ask the Father to help Reality and the Agape Puppets to run our Irish race well.

Some sweet conversations about Jesus take place in the crowd as we are all sharing. When we are not doing a program, we go out in the crowd and tie balloons for the children. Then we also get to have sweet conversations with those listening to the band.
Some come to the street shows, ready to ask Jesus to rescue them. More come with questions about God, Jesus and faith. They are quick to tell us where they stand.
One teenage girl told me last night that she did not believe God existed. I told her my own “rescue story” and how I had to believe in God because of all He had done for me. We talked for a long time. Please pray for her to believe and trust in Jesus.

Linda for Anna, Colleen, Sara, Sam C., Sam S. and Reality