Dearest Friends,
I need you to read this email please!
"I call upon The Lord who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies." Psalm18:1
My friends and I experienced such deliverance today. Our work has drawn the attention of some evil men who decided to stop us from telling more children about Jesus. The Lord delivered us by sending us a specific warning from someone who does not believe, but who is friendly towards us. How strange to be thought of as such a threat when all we do is tell children about Jesus and give them gifts. All of us were considered a problem.
God has been very kind to us. We have been doing programs mostly in one region in an effort to reach these people with the Gospel. Today, we were informed that because hundreds and hundreds of parents came to the shows and responded favorably to the message, many are talking about Jesus. Their children are talking about Jesus. They are moving toward faith and this scares those who oppose the Light. The evil men  have been unsuccessful in stopping people’s positive comments about the believers who have been serving them…Church Without Walls and The Agape Puppets.
Shadi was given an opportunity to pacify these men. They suggested that we could remove any mention of Jesus or the cross from what we say. Shadi’s opinion was my opinion. Such compromise dishonors our Father. He said that there is no point in going if you say nothing, so he refused. My friend chose to honor God above man.
As a result of these problems and our decision, we will not be with the children tomorrow whom we had hoped to serve. However, we do expect to be with hundreds of children tomorrow in another place. These children need your prayers. I want them to know the one true God who delivers and His Son Jesus Christ.
Concerning the children that we had planned to serve…. Do not worry. The funds and gifts are in place to bless them. I will simply not be here to see it, but our team here will go and do it. They will wait a couple of weeks and let the extremists cool off a bit and then they will go. This is the beauty of training and equipping nationals. My friend Mahfood pledged that this will be done. He is a man who keeps his promises. Though he was wounded many times in military encounters involving soldiers from the refugee’s country, he holds only forgiveness in his heart. His love for Jesus drives him to tell these children about Jesus. They will hear the Gospel and send me a report! 
Thank you for praying for us. We are able to stand in the dark because you stay on your knees!
In Jesus, Linda and Shadi and a precious national team