Dearest Friends,

The Best Show!!!

Though all of us were disappointed that we were kept from the show we had planned, the Father showed us why we did a show in a different village. The response stunned everyone! Before I tell you about the amazing outpouring of God’s love, I want to remind you of the plans we have for the other village.

As I said before, the funds and gifts are in place to bless the children in the place where we had planned to be. Your generosity made this possible. My puppet team here will tell those children about Jesus and I will tell you how God moved. If you are anywhere near my house in the states, please contact me as I am hosting 2 dinners for friends to meet our Middle East Puppet Director, Pastor Shadi. I would love for you to hear about the village show first hand.

We had such opposistion in arranging this show. Only 3 hours before we were supposed to go and do the program, a local religious leader stopped us from using the hall where we were meeting. That is when God started to show His mighty hand. There are 2 nuns in that village who have really enjoyed the 2 puppet shows they have seen over the last 2 years.  We asked them to help us and they gave us the big hall at their school. Awesome! This is a place where religious groups draw hard lines that people do not cross. That is why their kindness shone so brightly. After we finished, all of the nuns wanted their pictures made with me.

Over 400 children and 150 parents crowded into the place. They loved the show! One teenage boy said that it was the best show ever. That is high praise. They were laughing and smiling and praying , calling on Jesus to save them. Everyone even clapped twice when Jesus calmed the storm. One of the nuns came and told me that she was so thrilled that she was clapping and urging others to join her. It is the best when children love a story about Jesus!

Please continue to pray for these children and their parents.

Breakfast With Some Refugee Ladies

We brought manoush, a flat bread that has either has spices or cheese on it. Our friend Fatina made tea and served Turkish coffee. Some of the ladies walked very far. All were refugees. For almost 2 hours we enjoyed Samira’s Arabic praise music, accompanied by her oud and had a Bible study. I have never had such an opportunity to walk Muslim ladies through the basic truths of the Gospel before this morning. We were very clear, stopping after each point for questions. The ladies agreed today that Jesus is the Son of God, sent by God as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. They agreed on a Biblical definition of sin and accepted Jesus as the way to a fulfilled life. They are so close to faith! Please pray for them. Our meetings with them are growing into a weekly ministry, aimed at helping these dear ladies. Please pray for this new work!

Keep praying!

In Jesus, Linda