Dearest Friends,
We are on our way to Scotland! I have not worked there in many years. Whereas the Muslim children that we just shared with in the Middle East are so hungry to hear about God who sees them and cares for them, most in Scotland have forgotten He exists. Their lack of enthuiasm for the cross should motivate you to pray for them with passion. Though they are not in the grip of the desperate poverty the refugge children experience, they are living comfortable, but without hope. This is awful.
The refugee children have nothing material and so for them it is easier to see their need for Jesus. In Scotland, they are blessed as Americans are blessed and like us, they struggle to see their real need. Please pray for the children of Scotland to respond to the wonderful news that Jesus loves them and has a plan for their lives!
Please rejoice in all that the Father has been doing in the last month. I have had so many opportunities to speak at Baptist, Presbyterian, and Methodist churches, bringing reports of how God is moving in the hearts of children.We have done chapel shows and shared at Sunday Schools and spoken at Bible studies.. Everywhere, I have seen children calling on Jesus.  God is amazing!
In Jesus, Linda for the new Scottish Team