Decades and Decades
Last night, a dear Scottish man told me the most wonderful thing. he watched the show and said, "For decades and decades i have prayed for a strong children’s work and tonight I saw my prayers answered. I did not think I would live to see it." As he drove us home, I heard the wonder in his words. His smile told me how delighted he was with everything. He could not believe we had come.
I truly believe that it was his prayers which called me to Scotland. There is a wonderful Hungarian man, Andras, who is married to a Scottish lady here in Edinburgh. In Hungary, he was very successful in puppet ministry, but felt God calling him to Scotland. Though many disagreed with his decision, he was confident that he heard the Father’s voice.
In the fall, he called me and asked me to come. I confess that he had to persuade me. I had serious doubts about investing time and resources in a place where so precious few are passionate for the cross. I questioned his ability to find puppeteers in a spiritually cold place.
Andras was determined. He built a stage and began to train his Scottish puppet team. By God’s grace, he succeeded. Last night his prayers and my prayers, along with the prayers of so many faithful friends, took all of us to Glasgow. We were a team of many nations, coming from Scotland, Ireland, Brazil, Hungary, and America. You see, our Irish Director, Sam Shaw, and his sweet wife Silvana (from Brazil) had arrived in Edinburgh earlier in the day. Bekah and I arrived in the afternoon, had a bowl of celery soup, quickly sorted our equipment and left for Glasgow. Thirty-four children, mostly from unchurched backgrounds, gathered for a children’s club. They listened so well and loved the show. I loved their smiles and the sound of their laughter. I believe they listened because they could see in Jesus someone who could fix their broken hearts and homes.
It was a precious evening and it gave me a vision for the ministry that I believe God will grow in this place. Tonight’s program in Edinburgh confirmed my growing hopes. We will see a strong work in this place. I believe many Scottish children will hear about Jesus. Please pray for this new work. Ask the Lord to give Andras the right name for this ministry. Ask the Father to give him many opportunities to share with the children.
In Jesus, 
Linda, Bekah, Andras and a new as-yet-unnamed Scottish team