You would have to be crazy for Jesus to do what we did today. First, we drove on windy mountain roads where a river wound far below us. The views were spectacular! However, that was nothing compared to the climb to the church.
                We parked on one side of the road beside a large truck that had slid off the road and crushed a motorcycle. So, we hurried across the road. The rain was really coming down. We walked through a mechanic shop down the darkest, dirty hall. We climbed many flights of steps with no lights. The last flight was just boards open to the air and the rain was really coming down. I looked behind me and realized that we were half way up the side of a big mountain.
                The little church literally hung off the side of the mountain and was attached with long poles. It was not much more than a large shack and it was packed with children. There was a small loft in the back. The room was painted hot pink and bright blue. It was exploding with children.
There was no room for the stage. The girls knelt behind a curtain and did the puppets. The children had the best time. I felt my foot sink below the floor level as I stepped during the story. We had the most fantastic time! The children hung on every word of the story. They practically shouted their prayers, calling on Jesus to rescue them. Pray for these children to grow deep in their faith.
                The second show took us down the mountain and the third show had us climbing up another one. There was a big difference in the shows. The first was at a Hindu school and the second was at another church. One place was full of darkness and the other was full of light. In both places, there are now new believers, children who met the Son of the Living God. Praise His Name!
                The day brought one adventure after another. High above the river, some several hundred feet, a small red cart is suspended. You sit in it and pull yourself across. We all rode and it was awesome. I could not stop laughing. It was glorious. Our driver, Ramesh, and I rode together. What a delightful finish to an amazing day!
                Tomorrow, Monday, we are training the Sunday school teachers. Please pray for this time. Always Pray for the Children of Nepal.
In Jesus,
Linda, Anna, and Meg