Dearest Friends,
The Little Church
                When we arrived at 7:30 this morning, the little church was so full of children that they were spilling out of the doors and windows. There was not room for even one of us to fit inside the building, much less any of the equipment. So, we set up outside and had a wonderful show!
                More than 30 adults joined 200 children. Some of the adults were Moslems. Most of the crowd were Hindu and Buddhist children from the community. So many prayed loudly, eager to know Jesus. God is good!
                It was very hot today! Where I had to stand to tell the story was very rocky and covered with fire ants. We really could not set up any place else. After about the first 15 minutes of the show, a thick rug suddenly appeared and covered all the big rocks and the fire ants. I was so grateful to the pastor.
Two Hindu Schools
                Our last 2 shows were at Hindu schools that welcomed us warmly. What a wonder! Though we could not pray with the children, we could tell them how to pray and trust our Father to call them to Himself. More than 700 children and a hundred teachers and villagers heard about the one true God and His love for them at the 2 schools. The last principal was so thrilled with the program and very grateful. She said that we were always welcome and she is Hindu. She was captivated by the story of Jesus who cared for others.
At the first show, the children all prayed to their different gods as they gathered for the morning assembly. My heart broke. There was a Buddhist temple right behind us. At the last show, all of the children were very poor and their school was beside a wide and beautiful river that smelled like sewage. People wash in the river to ceremonially cleanse themselves. There is so much darkness here. Pray for God’s light to shine.
In Jesus,
Linda, Anna and Meg