Dearest Friends,
Elephants and Rhinos
                The other day, we went to a tourist place where we saw elephants and a baby rhino. Two young men attached themselves to us. We quickly determined that they were not the best young men, but I did have a good conversation with one of them. He said “you are different from the other Americans I meet. Your eyes and your face are full of light.” Tik and I were happy to explain to him the difference. We told him that he did not meet us by accident, that the Living God had sent us to tell him about God’s rescue plan for him. Please pray for him. He is far from God.
A Different World
                We went far from our home in Chitwan today, into a very rural area. We were shown the fish they had just caught for our lunch. Everywhere, we saw fields of corn and rice. Ladies walked great distances carrying huge loads on their backs or heads. Often we saw them carrying large baskets of cow manure on their backs to use as fertilizer.
                Today, we passed several Hindu weddings. The bride always wears red and there seems to be a lot of drumming. All the guests wear red too.
                There was a national holiday today and we briefly visited a fair of sorts along the roadside as we traveled to our shows. I had popcorn. A man roasted it in an open pan over a fire. He had no lid and had to catch it as it popped. It was really fun! Life is different here.
Three Gifts
                We had 3 shows today in 3 very different places. The first program found us in a remote village, set up on the side of the road and praying against the coming rain. It was 7:30 in the morning and the whole village came. The local pastor was thrilled. So many trusted in Jesus! Praise God! They were very poor people, but they had made us bouquets of flowers to thank us. My heart is so full!
                The second show was in a bigger village with a really nice Korean built brick church. However, we experienced much spiritual attack in this place. Two hundred children came, but we found it a difficult show. We need more prayer coverage!
                Our last program was at an orphanage with hundreds of children who ache to be loved. As soon as we arrived, the grabbed our fingers and did not want to let go. As we told them about God the Father who loved them, water buffalo grazed outside the window. Nearby fences kept the rhinos and tigers away. Inside, the children call on Jesus. We are blessed!
Prayer Needs
                Tomorrow, we have 3 shows and it is getting hotter. Ask the Lord to provide shade for the children. Ask Him to give us strength and call more children to Himself.
In Jesus,
Linda, Anna, and Meg