Dearest Friends:
Two Schools
Again today we traveled into a very rural area and did programs at two schools. They weren’t actually having school today but gathered the children because we promised to come and do a puppet show. I could not stop thinking about how amazing this is because in America I cannot see them opening schools so that children can hear about Jesus. These are Hindu public schools and somehow God made this happen!
                We began our morning by praying against the rain. However the Principal arrived and opened a large classroom for us to use. We have all noticed that in these rural schools there are no desks and no books. It is only four walls and a concrete floor. I wonder what kind of education the children are getting. I think often about so many of us who receive this email and have been given such a great education and so many other blessings. My constant prayer is that we will all see ourselves as blessed and determine that we must bless others with what we have been given.
                Since this is a Hindu school we were not allowed to pray with the children. However, we could tell them how to pray and as always, God finishes. The program that we did at second school today illustrated the importance of training nationals. It is very hot here and I have not been feeling the best. I became so ill today after the first show.  I realized that I needed to get Tika-Ram-Baral to tell the story. I was too sick to do a good job for the children. I sat in the truck and prayed as our friend told the most wonderful story. How sweet it is to see those that God allows you to teach learn their lesson well! There was a small temple in the yard of the school where we were doing the program. Today the children heard about the Living God and His rescue plan for them.
Those Without Hope
                Our third show today was cancelled for the most terrible reason. A child at the school who had no hope chose to kill himself. He was not yet fifteen years old. As a result of his death, we were not able to go and see the children. However, we do plan on funding our team to return later and do this program. The student’s death reminded all of us that without Jesus, there really is no hope. Please pray and ask God to make a way for the team to reschedule this program. Again, this is a Hindu school and all of these shows require great prayer so that God can hold open the doors.
Prayer Requests
                We have three shows tomorrow at churches and schools.  Please pray for us as we share the one true Hope with the children.
In Jesus,
Linda, Anna and Meg